Jonathan Hounshell

Jonathan Hounshell

Jonathan Hounshell was born on the 37th parallel in Newport News, Virginia. His web presence, the 37th Parallel, is a crossroads to share his artwork, designs, poems and other pursuits.

Jonathan holds two degrees in fine art and graphic design from Virginia Intermont College, and an M.F.A in Studio Art from East Tennessee State University. He is currently an Associate Professor at ETSU where he also serves as graduate coordinator for the Master of Arts in New Media Studio plus acts as director of the Blue Plum Animation Festival each June in Johnson City.

In his fine art, Jon is continually exploring themes of memory and locale—often through an amalgam of traditional and digital, of static and motion graphics, and of visual and verbal themes. He continues to develop these alternative mixtures in his personal work through his creative activities. Jon’s art has been exhibited in a number of galleries in his local region—Tennessee, North Carolina and Virginia—and as far as New York and Los Angeles. As a faculty member at East Tennessee State University, Jon brings to the classroom over a decade of industry experience in graphic design and advertising in addition to his fine art training.

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Jonathan's Curriculum Vitae (Text) New Media Studio-Digital Art
Jonathan's Illustrated CV (Images/Portfolio)

Echotype #1, Blue Line. Boston. from Jonathan Hounshell on Vimeo.

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