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I'm Back.....

Drums & Vocals

Clark Jewell

December 2001 September 2005

In my own words

I started playing drums when I was 11 years old...(anything to get out of
playing the flute) My Mom taught me to read music from guitar books and I
learned what scales were etc....

I moved to California with my Mom when I was 12 where I played in every
music program I could get myself into. When I was 15, I was asked to
audition for Blue Oyster Cult after they heard a tape of me goofing around.
My Mom was all for the audition until their lawyer sent some papers for her
to sign that would release me from her care if I were to make the band. As a
parent I can understand, but at the time it REALLY sucked.

I graduated from High School where I earned a full scholarship to the Phil
Matson School of Music in Washington. I turned it down because I didn't want
to be on my own. The school was closed two years later so I guess I made the
right choice. I went to college in Sacramento, California to be a music
teacher. Ha ha... what a joke. When I found out how much they get paid, I
changed my major to Music Performance instead. In college, I did a 4-week
Tour of Europe with a great jazz vocal group. We had lots of fun but a lot
of it is still a blur. (Too many parties) Some of my friends brought me to
an audition for a band called City Kid. They were a decent local band. They
heard of me and wanted me to play but I blew them off because I thought they
sucked. They later changed their name to TESLA. (OK...not such a good
choice)  After college, I tried to join the Air-Force and the Navy but
neither one wouldn't take me. (medical reasons) So I just did odd
mind numbing jobs and played in some decent club bands. I got married, had
kids, and the rest is history.

Summer fun

Check Clark out in his 1st show back with Charlie

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