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33 years old, is married to Kathy with two beautiful girls Kayla (16) and Hanna (2). He and his family live in Waupun where he is currently an alderman in the 3rd district.

Putting The People First

Please Note...

Yes. my 1st bid for State office fell short. I know that my message was heard and people in the 53rd District do want change.

Thank you all for the support and all the great words of encouragement.

WHAT Eric Aaron Navis still stands for? 

Responsible Government – A government that “Puts the People First”
The preservation of the Shared Revenue Program – the 53rd District and its smaller rural communities will lose valuable services and suffer without it.
The creation of a state “Rainy Day” fund to address unexpected financial problems.  Most families have a savings account for emergencies, its time the state does too.
To continually work to ensure that no tax dollar is spent on abortion and to encourage a society that places value in life.
Serving Senior Citizens by working to preserve the newly enacted SeniorCare program which provides relief for prescription drug coverage but is not fully funded after July 2003.
To remove Wisconsin from the top 10 taxed states by addressing the real issues behind budget concerns in this State – wasteful spending. The people of Wisconsin have been under a tax burden long before the recession and before the September 11th tragedy. The budget problem was created by Legislators afraid to break from party politics and special interest.  
To fight on behalf of our 2nd Amendment rights.
To work for better and safer schools for the future of Wisconsin – our children.

To work on behalf of our farmers so that the dream of keeping the “family farm” in the family, becomes a reality.

We believe Eric can win and with your help it can be a reality.  We are looking for individuals willing to endorse Eric’s bid, work with the campaign and those willing to contribute financially.

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