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Keys & Vocals

March 1998 August 2000 - March 2001 December 2003

Chad Klink

D.O.B:    07-21-71 Juneau, WI

Parents: Kenneth Klink, Carol Klink

My music interests began at several years of age when I began pounding on my grandmother’s piano and trying to make it sound like music.  My father got my first keyboard for me around age ten and I began playing at home.  My mother patiently endured my noise as I taught myself how to play the keyboards I collected.  A little while after that I began recording and mixing my own music with tape recorders and other stuff I found on the curbs of Juneau.  I put together a band with friends when I was thirteen or so and got a taste for live performance (our only gig was a  talent show in junior high and we sucked).  Though I’ve no formal training or the ambition to become great, I manage to fool some people into thinking I’m good enough for a band (keyboard players are scarce around here!).  So, I learn as I go and have as much fun with the whole thing as possible, whether composing at home or playing live.

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