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E r i k

Erik Navis - Bass

Bass Guitar and Vocals

Eric Aaron Navis 

DBA: 12 Sept. 1969

Married: Kathleen

Two daughters: Kayla & Hanna


Erik has been playing music since 13 years of age beginning in Red Alert at a 7th grade talent show.

In 1996, Erik was asked to join the fledgling 5’o clock Charlie and now finds himself the only “original” member. After numerous line-up changes, Erik is excited to have the opportunity to play with some of the best musicians he has ever met and see the band move in a direction he never anticipated. 

“We shall rock”

RECORDINGS that Erik has been a part of:

1987   Red Alert/Phase One  (2 song Cassette)

Click HERE for More on Red Alert

1990   Glen Navis/Heartbeats  (4 song Cassette)

1997 (release date)  NAVIS/Maiden Voyage   (9 song CD)

Thanx -!!!!!!!

To God above, without His gift everything else means nothing. To my wife and friend Kathy, thanx for allowing me all I do that takes from you and the family. To Kayla & Hanna, I love you and you make me smile everyday. To my Ma, Laraine Navis for the love & support and still allowing your kids to make noise in your basement for over 20 years.

To the originator of Navis music – Glen Navis, I have learned much form you about music and life.

To all the members of the band who have toiled with me that have moved on for some reason or another – you’re efforts have made you members of the family know as CHUCK.



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Tim Michels United States Senate


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TO: Josh,

Thanx – your hard work and dedication often go without acknowledgement. You have likely done more to advance this band than any member past or present, without you I would not be authoring this now.

I love you and am proud to call you the manager of this band, a friend, and to know you are my brother.