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Hey Charlie fans

We got some really cool new about some past Charlie members we thought you might like to hear about. Chad Klink our old keyboard player and singer has joined a new band called Rat Sass Check out there web-site.. Next Ran-D our original bass player is now in a great band called Yadda Yadda. Check them out if you get a chance. Also JT is playing with a hot band called Vertigo. Lots of good things being said about these guys.  Mike Kinney is working out west with the nationally syndicated Radio show the Savage Nation. Congrats Mike!!! Finally Troy Loest has found a new home playing drums with a local band called Sweetrock.

We love to see the Charlie family still rockin' out and wish them all  our best!!

Troy Loest - Drums

August 1996 October 1996

Troy Navis - Guitar/Vocals

August 1996 October 1997

Carmen X - Drums

May 1999 December 1999

Todd Richards - Keyboards/Vocals

August 2000 March 2001

Rand-D - Bass/Vocals

August 1996 May 2001

Shane Peltier -Drums

October 1996 May 1999  -  December 1999 December 2001

Jeff Trepanier - Lead Guitar

January 2002 January 2003

Randy "Steele" Herpel - Keyboards

July 2003 August 2003 

Chad Klink - Keyboards/Vocals

March 1998 August 2000 - March 2001 December 2003

Mike Kinney - Lead Guitar

July 1997 December 2001 - January 2003 September 2005

Roland Benner - Drums/Vocals

December 2005 September 2006