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Randy Klein

Bass  Vocals

August 1996 May 2001
Waupun, WI
D.O.B.  2-12-66
Parents:  Joe and Marion Klein - Waupun, WI
My interest in music began with a cheap turn table a lots of LP's left in
the Basement by Karen.  First band was formed in 1982 when I was a  
sophomore in High School with Erik's older brother Troy, Steve Kuehn, and
Mark Manney.  Tracey was added.  It was underway.

Was early influenced
by Van Halen, Rush, and all those other 80 greats. 
One of the founding members of 5 o'clock Charlie.  I played bass guitar and did
some vocal work.  Live in Waupun with my wife Shelly and son Creed.  Listen to
everything Korn, Eminem, Sevendust, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Clutch, N.W.A.,
Disco, most anything from the "wonderful" 80's (don't tell) and lots of
other weird stuff I shouldn't tell you about.  You'd never understand
I thank God. Shelley.  My Family who never really understood me but, left me
"do it" anyways.  The other 4 Charlie boyz, DoeDoe and her Tribe,
the boys at work, all you that come out and see us, C.A.B, Budweiser and all
the other flavors I may have forgotten to mention.  (Insert your name
hear in you are feeling left out).  Oh, and Pat thanks for the basement the
last 16 years of my life and the hug.

You can now find me playing bass with a great band called

Yadda Yadda

I had a great time with Charlie and wish them all well.

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