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The Impalas

It all started in 1964, when 4 of us in junior high school decided to start a band.  One of the guys actually could play a couple of songs on a guitar.  I could play a baritone ukulele, so I was elected to also play guitar.  We conned another guy into playing bass and George, well George always knew he was gonna be a drummer.  So, the Impalas were born!  We all got stuff (bad stuff), learned 10 songs, got red coats made for all of us, and played our first gig at Athens College in Athens, Alabama for free.  We weren't worth it! 

After growing together as a group, we all upgraded.  The other guitar player, Joe Cannon,  got a Farfisia keyboard, I got a Fender Mustang (thank God somebody stole my Harmony guitar), and the two of us split a Gibson Mercury II amp.  The bass player, Bill Beasley,  got a Fender Bassman amp and Jazz bass, the drummer, George Feigley, got a lot of cymbals, and we were off and running.  We were hot in Athens, Alabama! 

Somebody bought a soul album named 'Solid Gold Soul' and we start playing a lot of the good, old soul music. It went over so well that we decided to expand.  We found ourselves a feature singer, Wright Buchanan,  Joe, who sat first chair trumpet in the high school band, started playing trumpet.  Seems like Wright may have played some trumpet, too, as he was also a HS band trumpet player.  We then added another trumpet player, Taz Jones, who also sang backup.  Well, it got to where we played more soul than anything else, so we changed our name to Solid Gold Soul (from the album).  Unfortunately, I wasn't all that happy with more soul and less rock, made a lot of waves, and promptly got kicked out! 

Fortunately, we got back together years later, first for our 20th class reunion and later for a charity 'concert'.  This is what we look like now.  From left to right, Dr. Bill Beasley, Dr. Taz Jones, George Feigley, me, Wright Buchanan, and, in front, Dr. Joe Cannon.  On the right, we're gearing up for our charity 'concert'.

After our charity gig, the composition of the band changed a few time, a few more charity gigs were performed, and then we sadly, disbanded in late 2004. It has now been over 1 1/2 years since the Impalas played, due to personality and scheduling conflicts, and one bad case of asthma.

There are events in motion now that may well revive the Impalas or at least the four in the middle of the picture below.

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