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I am a guitar player (could you tell) who likes to play almost all types of music, the one exception being country music.  Of course, there are country bands today that play music that I like, but I personally would not call it country music.  I prefer guitar oriented songs (wonder why), including 'hard', metal (not devil worship type), acid, and other types of rock and blues.  I love ZZ Top, AC/DC, Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, Eric Clapton (all versions), Steppenwolf, most 60's style music (hence the name), soul, you name it.  As long as it wouldn't be good for Lester and Earl, I probably like it!  Most of the stuff I actually know comes from the 60's, but I have picked up a few other things along the way.  I guess the best thing that I do now is the blues/rock combo stuff, since this is less taxing on my arthritic fingers, but I can still do a few (semi) fast things! 

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