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What it was and is!

My musical career started with a baritone ukulele, singing folk songs with my church youth group.  After a couple of years of this, some of my friends and I started a band called the Impalas.  The info on the Impalas is here.

My next group had too many names to remember what we ended with, but at one time was known as "The Weeker Sex".  Here, I played with some of the best in the world.  The info on them is located here.

While I was at Auburn University (hence the color scheme here), I played with a three piece group with no name.  We basically did Jimi Hendrix stuff, with a little old stand-by stuff to break the rhythm, occasionally.  The drummer's name was Al Bogan and the bass player was Buzz Lovell. 

Then, the war ended, I graduated Auburn, got a job, got married, was pressured into selling my Fender Coronado II guitar and Gibson Mercury II amp, and for 28 years, played absolutely nothing!  This wasn't purgatory, it was HELL!  I was so upset over this that I didn't even listen to music on the radio for almost the entire time, turning to talk radio, instead.  Now you know what hell is really like!

Well, for Christmas of '99, I got a tremendous surprise!  My grown son, Michael, and daughter, Penny, gave me a Squier Affinity Strat!  It was almost exactly like the Fender Stratocaster (and frankly the Fender isn't worth 7 times as much!), black, and COOL!  I couldn't hit a lick on it, but was I ever happy.  Of course, I HAD to buy an amp, and a case, and this and that. Then, I had to get a 'real' guitar.  This is when I bought my first Dean guitar, an EVO Special. Since I now had a real guitar, I had to have a 'real' amp, so I bought a Crate GFX-212, 120 watt combo amp.  It was just basically raw, brute force power, but would go very loud and sounded decent with my Digitech RP2000 setup.  I bought a 4X12 extension cabinet and then cut the amp off of the Crate combo, made a head, and use a half-stack.

My next guitar was very special.  For the first time in my life, I owned a hand-made, professional quality, precision instrument!  This would be a Dean Premium Cadillac.  The finish is incredible.  Where the quilted maple top on the EVO was a veneer and looked vague, the quilted top on the Cadillac is real quilted  maple!  The body is made from a single slab of perfect mahogany.  The binding is perfect.  The neck is a single piece with genuine mother-of-pearl inlays, including the 'flying wing' Dean logo.  It has Schaller tuners and Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates pickups.  It is the real deal.  It is so fine, that I hate to play it, for fear that I will scratch it.  I already have and it just kills me!

I bought a 'project' amp (Carvin X-100B) on eBay and, to my surprise, it worked!  It had a really bad hum, and, as it came with some spare tubes, I hurried over to the local electronics shop in Huntsville to use their tube tester.  It turned out that 4 of the power tubes actually 'matched' each other.  The other three were good, but did not match and one of those was in the amp as delivered.  When I put the matched set (they don't look alike, but test alike), the amp sounded GREAT!  Since then, I have bought 2 more Carvin X-100B heads for backup (one doesn't work yet). Next, I had to have a 4X12 speaker cabinet. I found one on ebay for $50 (Sun) that was previously owned by Genesis! I loaded it with 4 Eminence Legend 125's and now I can really rock!

I have bought and sold several guitars since. I bought a new Dean '79 Z. It just wasn't me, so I traded it for a used Dean Premium Icon, which is another magnificent guitar. Both traders thought they got the best of the other one, but I sure wouldn't swqp back. The Icon is another 'real deal'! Along the was I also bought a Dean ML-XT, but it also wasn't me, so I sold it. Dean Guitars decided to make a special edition guitar for the Dean Owners of America (DOA), of which I am a member. So, I bought a new DOA Cadillac Special Edition, which is a fairly nice guitar. I sold my EVO Special and bought an EVO Deluxe (with all the EVO Premium trimmings), but, alas, it was too heavy for me, so I had to sell it ;-( It was SO nice! It was also 12 pounds! My last guitar (not necessarily bought last) is a Dean Contour acoustic/electric. This one I got for less than cost, because it was a closeout. It is ugly (according to my wife), but sounds really good. All of my guitars can be seen on my guitar page.

I have since swapped my guitars around a lot. Like a fool, I sold my Premium Caddy and Icon. Most of the rest were less than desirable and were sold. My go-to guitar is now a hand made USA Lowell, followed by a Dean Premium EVO. I also have a Carvin SC90 (a premo guitar), a Turser SG, an Agile Les Paul, a Charvel Model 5, and a couuple of acoustics

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