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The Studio!

My studio is the result of several years of accumulation and sweet-talking my wife. The whole thing is attributable to her, as it would never have happened without peace and harmony in the home.

There is a history behind the studio. When I first bought my home, here in Tanner, Alabama, there was an old white (used to be white) outbuilding (shed) on the property that termites had pretty much eaten. The walls and roof were still there, but the foundation was gone. The shed was 16' X 32' and was divided into two. One half sit on a slab and was in pretty fair shape, but the other side was over a crawl space, and termites had consumed the sill, joists, plate, risers and more.

A friend and I tore out all the substructure on the crawl space side, and jacked up the walls. We then replaced the top strap/plate and risers. Then we installed new supports, sill (beams), joists, and floor. This was phase 1 of my 'plan'.

After a year or so, I then patched the roof and installed a ceiling on the crawl space side that was to become a studio, using blue board (flimsy but light). This was followed by a new wall to separate the two sides. I then installed an electrical panel and wired the place and stared running an air conditioner. Of course, the electric bill went through the roof, so I HAD to have insulation. Amazingly enough, it is cheaper to have someone else do the work than to buy the insulation and do it yourself.

Anyway, now I had a 16' by 20' room and no gear, other than a couple of guitars and an amp. So, I then started buying one piece at a time on ebay, waiting for the 'good' deals, until I had a PA system, then 2 power amps and sets of speakers, a trapset, spare half stack, bass half stack, 12 channel mixer, a Casio do-everything keyboard, and other odds and ends. The result is a decent practice place with just about everything. There's nothing special in there, except for my Marshall, but everything is very functional..

Here's a few pics of the 'studio'. The pics are somewhat out of date, but will do for now.

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