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The Weeker Sex?

After the Impalas I helped to start another group.  We had too many names to remember what we ended with.  But, at one time, we called ourselves "The Weeker Sex?".  We never did many gigs, but we were really good!  We had an RCA guy sniffing around, but, alas, it was time to either go to college or go to Viet Nam.  As this was a no-brainer, I left this group and went to Auburn University.  Now you know where these colors come from!  But of the 5 of us in this group, three made careers in music.  Eddie Witt played in groups for over 20 years, some touring nationally, before he 'retired' into the normal world.  Eddie is really a kick-ass guitar player, but just got tired of staying on the road all the time. He now writes music when he doesn't have to work for a living!

Two other players really made it big in the world of studio recording.  Our keyboard player was Bobby Mobley, who is now a very successful studio musician in the Atlanta area, who now has his own studio.  Our drummer was none other than Milton Sledge!  He was a kick-ass drummer in 1967 and only improved with age.  I do happen to have a picture of this bunch as follows:

The bass player is Alan Smith, the guy with the hat did vocals and guitar and named Eddie Witt, Bobby Mobley, the keyboard guy, is next, followed by yours truly.  Milton Sledge is in front.

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