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73 Monte Carlo

73 Monte Carlo Front Driver's side.
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The above 1973 Chevy Monte Carlo was sold on 2/28/09.
I no longer have this car or the parts.



Sold with the car were several spare parts from an old parts car
I no longer have this car or the parts.

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I purchased my 1973 Monte Carlo in the fall of 1995. The car came from the factory with a 454 (“Y” engine code in the VIN). However, the 454 (not the original engine) had a spun bearing, so I bought the car without the engine. The car came with a TH400 transmission (also not the original transmission). The car was a southern car and was in good shape underneath.

The person who sold me the car told me that many of the interior parts had come from a 75 Monte Carlo, including the swivel bucket seats and center console. Many of the plastic parts were from a car with a red interior and had been painted black. The fuel guage said “Unleaded Fuel Only” so I suspect the dashboard and/or the dashboard gauges also came from a 75.

I had built a .030 over 350 motor, so to get the car drivable, I dropped it in. The plan was to rebuild all the mechanical components of the car to handle the power of a GM crate 502 engine. Once all work was done, I planned on dropping in a 502.

I drove the car as a daily driver while doing some work on it until the summer of 1997.

From the summer of 1997 until the fall of 1999, the car was hardly driven. During this time, major work was done on the car.

Unfortunately, I was never able to finish the car. After the car was put away for the winter in late 1999, the company I worked for was bought out by another company. During 2000, I was working on a contract out of town so the car never came out of storage. In the spring of 2001, I took a job in St Louis. The new company I worked for relocated me and they had my Monte Carlo trucked from Boston to St Louis.

Since then, the car sat in my garage. I took it out for a short spin a few times a year. Since I didn’t have the time to complete the car, I decided it is time to sell it to someone who can.

The car was sold on 2/28/09 and now resides in Godfrey, IL.

Parts Car

Click here for photos and a list of the spare parts

In the summer of 1997, I found a 73 Monte Carlo with a mint black interior, the rest of the car was junk. Since my Monte Carlo’s interior was mostly from a 75, I bought this parts car for the interior. I replaced all interior parts on my car with the interior from the parts car (including the dashboard and guages) except for the seats, center console and steering column (the parts car had a bench seat and the steering column did not tilt). All the parts I had were included with the sale of my Monte Carlo.


Click here for a detailed list of the parts installed on the car. The parts listed here cost me close to $8,000 in the late 90s.

  The P295/50R15 tires on the car were installed in 1995. I would not recommend driving the car at high speed with these tires as they have not been driven regularly since 1997.

  The car has a .030 over Chevy 350, Edelbrock 4bbl carb and manifold and Competition Cams cam shaft and lifters. It has stock 350 heads (resurfaced). The Engine and heads were rebuilt shortly before I bought it in 1995 and have about 20,000 miles on them.

  A Holley electric fuel pump, ACCEL Blueprint distributor, ACCEL Super Coil, Summit racing harmonic balancer, a Hayden fan clutch, Hooker headers, Flowmaster mufflers and a Flowmaster 2.5” dual exhaust kit were installed about a year later.

   A new master cylinder, new front brake calipers and rotors along with a rear brake rebuild with new brake drums were done when the engine was installed. In 1999, new stainless steel brake lines and new rubber brake hoses were installed along with a line lock kit.

  The TH400 transmission was rebuilt with a shift kit and Trick Shift transmission fluid. Also added at this time were a transmission cooler, B&M Holeshot torque converter (2,400 rpm stall) and a B&M QuickSliver ratchet action shifter.

  The rear end was rebuilt with new 3.42 gears, a new Auburn Posi unit and new bearings.

  The front and rear suspensions were rebuilt with new polygraphite bushings, sway bars, springs, and KYB shocks.

  The interior was completely removed and replaced with the interior from the parts car. New carpet, headliner and weather stripping was purchased and installed.

  During the summer of 1999, the old paint was stripped down to bare metal and the car was primed. The car was painted Black Cherry. Unfortunately, I was not able to finish the paint job. It still needs to be wet sanded and the chrome needs to be put back on. (I am missing some key chrome pieces). The paint has since been scratched on the passenger side door thanks to my son opening my other car’s door in the garage (believe me, I was NOT pleased).

Things that Need to be Done

  The P295/50R15 tires must be replaced before driving this car at highway speeds. These tires were purchased in 1995. They still have decent thread, but they have been sitting for 7 years.

  The car needs a front end alignment. The front suspension was rebuilt in 1999 shortly before he car was stored for the winter. Over the 99/00 winter I got a new job and worked out of town for most of 2000, so the car remained in storage. In the Spring of 2001, I moved to the St Louis area. My new employer had the car shipped on a flatbed from the Boston area. The front end alignment did not get done before I left Boston and I just have not had the time to deal with the car since I’ve been in St Louis.

  Front Seat Belts: The 73 Monte Carlo has 2 piece lap/shoulder belts. Starting in 1974, they went to the modern 1 piece lap/shoulder belt. It is very difficult to find seat belts for the 73, especially for the swivel bucket seats. Since the Swivel buckets that came with my car are most likely from a 75, I did not have the correct seat belts. The parts car had a bench seat and the lap belts would not work with the swivel buckets.

I have rigged up lap belts for drivers and passenger seats, but you cannot connect the shoulder belts.

The original plan for the car called for a 502 big block. I was going to put in a roll cage with the new engine and install 5 point racing harnesses for both front seats. I had purchased the racing harnesses and they come with the car.

  The battery drains if left connected overnight. It didn’t do this until the dashboard was replaced with the dashboard from the parts car in 1997. We tried everything. We replaced the starter, alternator, battery, etc. I think we missed a ground strap when the dashboard went back in (or have a poor connection on a ground strap). To keep the battery from draining, I disconnect it when I park it overnight. The battery was replaced again in June 2004.

  The TH-400 transmission leaks. The transmission was rebuilt in November 1997. Since then, the car has not been driven more than a couple hundred miles. I am fairly certain the leak is from the front seal. It leaks when it sits in the garage. It doesn't leak much fluid, but I must put in a pint to a quart of Trick Shift every year or so.

  The car leaks. It must be garaged.

We tried to plug the leaks. While the car was gutted in the summer of 1997 we found that the windshield frame was rotted. The parts car had a good windshield frame, so we cut a piece out of the windshield frame. We then cut that piece into shape and prepped my car. The new frame piece was welded on and other rot under the windshield was repaired.

The repair came out nicely and today you could never tell this piece was replaced. There are no leaks around the windshield.

The car leaks thru the cowl. We tried to repair those leaks, but they were inside the cowl and inaccessible. We patched them the best we could, then poured in some fiberglass resin. It stopped the leaking for a while, but it still leaks. You’ll have wet feet if you drive it in the rain. I have rubber floor mats in the car and puddles of water will form on the floor mats after washing it.

  The car needs a new hood. The hood that came on the car when I got it had a big dent. It looked like someone had taken a ball-peen hammer to it (probably when they spun the bearing in the car’s 454). I took the hood from the parts car, but there was a little rot on the hood near the cowl where the chrome trim attaches. We tried to repair the rot, but could not get it right. To attempt to cover it up, we put on a fiberglass hood scoop. Unfortunately, we did not know at the time that you cannot mate a fiberglass hood scoop to a metal hood. The hood scoop has since separated from the hood leaving large cracks. A few years ago, there was a place I found on the internet where you could get a fiberglass hood for the 73, but I can no longer find that web site.

  The steering wheel in the car came with the car when I got it. It is not OEM. It also has this gooey, sticky feel to it now. It needs to be replaced. I have an OEM steering wheel and column from the parts car. The steering column in the car is a tilt column. The parts car column is not tilt and has an automatic shifter on the column, but the steering wheel can be used on the tilt-column.

  The paint needs to be finished or redone and chrome put back on. The car was painted in late 1999 just before it was put away for storage for the winter. I was a little po’d when I saw the overspray on parts under the car. Some chrome needs to be put back on and I am missing some key pieces.

  The OEM AM/FM radio in the car came from the parts car. It is not connected. When we stripped the parts car, I was certain I grabbed the wiring harness for the radio, but I could not find it when we went to install the radio in my car.