Lite and Full 1.2.2rc4 just fix a bug that kept forcefields from ever going down if specialties was off. If you already have rc3 installed and you're just going to run a specs server, don't bother with rc4

Right now, this is just the readme for the mod. It's a placeholder until I finish off my site.
If the download links are broken, I've probably taken down the file to fix a bug. In that case, a new version should be up soon.
Download the mod: [Full rc4] [Lite rc4]
The lite version only has the bug fixes, not the new features, and disables medic team killing if friendly fire is on.

Holomatch Server Update Full 1.2.2rc4
for Elite Force Holomatch v1.2
by AgentTux (AgentTux[AT]charter[DOT]net)
Yahoo: AgentTux MSN: ICQ: 137561206
website: (not much there yet, but there will be)

When I started this mod, it was just going to stop medic team killing and let me get familiar with the source. As it ended up, it's got bug fixes, some new voting features, options to fix the more annoying sides of specialties, and a language filter. Some of the stuff, like the team kill config options are more than most people would need, so if all you want is the bug fixes, grab the Lite version instead of this one. It's a server side mod, so you don't need to download anything to play on a server running it.

[Note to Sites]
Any site that hosts this, thanks. Also, if you include my email address, keep it exactly as it is here. I don't want every spambot that goes around to get ahold of it, and if somebody can't figure out what it is from that, I probably don't need to hear from them. ;p

[Bug Fixes]
-Borg can't fly around without using their teleport
-Spectators following a player no longer get unlimited votes if the player never votes
-Language filter is no longer case sensitive
-Spectators following a player now show their own ping on the scoreboard
-Tallying of the number of votes needed for a vote to pass includes spectators
-Can't vote again after respawn or team change
-Player's vote removed when he disconnects
-Voting a nextmap doesn't crash the server at the podium
-Can't change from borg team with /team followed by anything starting with s (aka /team spec)
-Borg always get the transporter, not the detpack
-Portable forcefields always keep the same team they started with, so people aren't trapped in their own base
-Warmup is enabled by default (after the warmup expires, invisible players usually reappear)
-Mod does not unload if used in a directory other than ServerUpFull or ServerUpLite

[1.2.2] -Built-in server browser now shows the gametype instead of just "ServerUp"
-Loads and saves config files like a normal EF game, so binds are saved and loaded correctly
-Suicide and detpacks can be disabled
-Delay for infiltrators to steal the flag
-Ghosting can be disabled for certain specialties classes
-Support for a second motd
-Votes pass with a majority of players voting, not players that can vote
-Command to automatically even the teams
-Team counts used for autojoin do not include players that are lagged
-Language filter - filters chat text and names
-A callvote password can be set, so only trusted people are allowed to call votes
-All pMods of the XP and normal, non-XP play can be voted in with /callvote [assimilation|elimination|actionhero|specialties|disintegration|pmodsoff]
-Any command or cvar can be enabled for voting
-/callvote poll starts a vote that doesn't do anything if it passes
-Delay for infiltrators to get the transporter after respawning can be set
-Techs can be set to respawn without their shield and invis/ammo station if they suicide after using one of those
-Techs can be limited to a number of forcefields
-Classes can be disabled, and the number of infiltrators allowed on a team can be set
-The detpack damage radius can be set
-If demos or medics exceed a set limit of team kills, they can be prevented from team killing, have a vote called to kick them, be kicked, be put in "time out", or be set to take all friendly fire.
-Tripmines can be set to only explode when set off by an enemy player
-Teamkills in friendly fire games can also be handled

Extract to your Elite Force folder (NOT BaseEF). The default EF folder is c:\program files\Raven\Star Trek Voyager Elite Force. Run the batch file "ServerUp-full.bat" in the new ServerUpFull directory to start the mod.

[CVar Configuration]
Enter "/exec filename" in the console to run a config file (no .cfg extension). su-default.cfg contains all the default settings, with explanations for all the cvars. su-off makes it function like the Lite version of this mode, and su-specs makes specialties a little less annoying.

[Server Commands]
These can only be run by entering them in the server's console, through rcon, or through
a vote.
For the cv* commands, substitute - for the cvar name to use the same cvar as last time.
Clears the cvar, like setting the cvar to ""
Appends text to the cvar if it is not already there. Text can include spaces.
Removes the first instance of text from a space-separated list in the cvar, fixing spacing.
Fixes teams so they are even, and if there is an extra it is given to the losing team.
-resettk <name or clientnum>
Resets the client's teamkills, second chance, and ability to take friendly fire. Specialties only.
-timeout <name or clientnum> [length] [class]
Length is in seconds, if not specified ss_timeOutLength is used. Class is either a specialties player class, "blue", "red", or "spectator, and ss_timeOutClass is used if not specified. Works without specialties if class is a team.

[Client Commands]
Lists all connected players with their client number to make it easier to call a vote to kick people with strange names.

[Callvote Password]
Anyone with a correct password is allowed to vote even if g_allowVote is off. The client should set his password with "/setu callvotepass mypass" in the console. If this is not done before connecting or in the autoexec.cfg file, another userinfo cvar (like "name") will need to be changed to make the password available to the server. Case sensitive.

[Debug Commands and Cvars]
These were used for testing, no reason to take them out.
-forcedet <name or clientnum>
If the client has a detpack, it's does exactly the same thing as them pushing the use item key. Server command, cheats must be enabled.
-bot_speedMult - The top speed for bots is this multiplied by g_speed.

[Bug Reports and Questions]
If you find any bugs or have a question, my email and im addresses are at the top of this file.

Thanks to the guys at the coding forum for filling me in on the invisible player bug. Also, thanks to "Indiana Jones" for helping me look for bugs. Thanks to [FC]Eagle and Dubh *S.A.R.G* for suggestions and beta testing.

This mod is not produced or endorsed by Raven Software/Activision. Use this software at your own risk. I am not responsible for any damage that may result from its use. You may distribute this software freely as long as it is not modified and all original files are included.