River Country Bag Tag Challenge I, 2004 - 2005

RUNNING DATE: September 2004 to August 2005
BAG TAG COST: $5.00 buy-in.
CHALLENGES: Personal (within the rules), Also Saturday, Sunday, & Wednesday AcePots (mandatory).

Well the River Country Bag Tag Final went well, except some minor issues, with a total of 14 of the 36 players showing up. Match play always works best in multiples of 4, so to round out the field, we accepted 2 players outside the Bag Tag and gave them a PLACED Rating. Welcome Bill Ross from Walla Walla, and Dave Gordon from The Tri-Cities. I truly believe they were placed correctly among the playing field. I would like the Thank the Tri-City Disc Golf Club for donating $50.00, to add to the Bag Tag Cash of $190.00, plus the $32.00 from the $2.00 Skins collected from the Normal Acepot! That made the total payout of $272.00. Thank-you very much!
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BAG TAG STANDINGS FINAL as of: 08/31/2005
01   Cook, Marty 33 24 778 0001   $40.90
02   Johnson, Nick 20 20 395 0006   $1.60
03   Doppelmayr, Ed 43 19 798 0007   $55.70
04   McDannold, Alex 20 14 280 0004   $25.00
05T   Craig, Jeremy 59 13 751 0017   $41.10
05T   Wood, Sean 'Boz' 33 13 439 0005   $7.00
05T   Cox, Brian 11 13 147 0007 x    
08   Marquardt, Chuck 18 12 215 0010   $38.00
09T   Mohl, Darrell 102 11 1076 0011   $134.50
09T   Ibarra, Pedro 60 11 668 0013    
09T   Rainey, Matt 20 11 226 0010 x    
12T   Holmes, Kevin 77 10 733 0019   $7.40
12T   Fisher, Matt 36 10 356 0005 x   $1.00
12T   Doppelmayr, Duane 20 10 209 0030    
12T   Cartledge, Joe 19 10 197 0034   $2.30
12T   Williams, Reggie 5 10 51 0020 x    
17T   Schaaf, Mike 69 9 618 0026 x   $38.50
17T   Ralph, Kaleb 63 9 572 0009   $26.80
17T   Smith, Moose 39 9 338 0026   $25.90
17T   Pfundstein, Sean 23 9 217 0020   $28.30
21   Muhlbeier, Josh 30 8 238 0013 x   $3.20
22T   Harvey, Pat 30 7 215 0031    
22T   Hunsaker, Ian 18 7 130 0024 x    
22T   Bass, Joe 11 7 79 0021    
22T   Splatts, Kyle 8 7 54 0024    
22T   More, Scot 4 7 27 0032    
27T   Carden, JR 10 6 62 0019 x   $1.00
27T   Vasquez, Marcus 2 6 12 0016    
29T   Scott, Tim 63 5 321 0019 x   $11.00
29T   Rendall, Steve 56 5 272 0022   $6.30
31T   Carlson, Dave 20 4 77 0029   $5.00
31T   Davis, Jeff 7 4 30 0025 x    
31T   Hill, Leland 6 4 32 0015   $1.00
34T   Scheafer, Mark 25 3 69 0035    
34T   Cox, Justin 2 3 5 0032 x    
36   Sporeleder, Zane 0 0 0 0036    
37   Dave Gordon 0 7 0 ADDED    
37   Bill Ross 0 11 0 ADDED    

* 2004 - 2005 Bag Tag Match Play Final (held 09/25/05)
* 2004 - 2005 Match Play Preliminary (held 04/06/05)

After looking over the format played, this Final is not, in a sense, Double Elimination. All players are guaranteed TWO nine holes. To be in the Winner bracket, you must win both of your first two nines. If you loose your first nine holes, you are moved down to the Loser Bracket. If you win your first nine and loose your second nine, you are eliminated and are out of the cash! If you are moved down to the Loser Bracket and loose your, basically, second nine you are eliminated and are out of the cash. I have to admit I like the format, but I would not call it Double Elimination. I think I would classify it more as a Two Nine Do or Die. After doing it this way, and understanding more about it, I think it is a great format for a Final! The basics of which kept the Final down to a manageable short day. True Dbl. Elimination with 16 players could have kept the time involved, long, and some players could have played on upwards to 4 or more rounds. I defiantly would have made all players involved understand how it would be, and especially the players who did not play in the Preliminary back in April, if I knew and had more time to ponder on it! I think I would also have made it a FULL 18 in place of the first nine, and then subsequent rounds would have been only nine holes. This would have kept it in the true Bag Tag Round tradition, and guaranteed all players a full round and half. Of which I will do, if and only if, I ever run another Bag Tag Challenge!

Going forth, I'm pleased, overall, on how all things turned out for all the Bag Tag rounds, Points awarded, and Players rated, to get to this point. I think all ranges of the rated players had a good chance to win some of the Bag Tag $5.00 cash fees back. It was never my intention to pay out by the ratings or for that matter the points. Everyone who joined in the 2004 - 2005 bag tag was going to get a chance at it. Ratings and Points were a useful tool in placing players where they stood. However this, in my opinion was not a true way of determining were everyone stood. There was quite a diversity in the number of rounds all players had to their name. I never did set the limit (40 - 50) on how many games a player needed to play, in order to participate in the final! I think the number of 40 is not a stretch out of 107 games involved in determining points and ratings. So as you can see, quite a few players who showed up for the final would not have been able to participate. If I went by points, the cash would have went to myself with a total of 1076 points. If I went by the rating, the cash would have went to Marty Cook. But how would this really look because of the 69 game difference? If I took my best 40 rounds, my points (980) and my rating (25) would have been enough to put me at the top! There is no way to tell what Marty would have done if he had another 7 games to his stats. If I used his current rating (24) as a reference and added 7 of them to his points, this would have put him at 946 points for a rating of 24 still. This, of course wouldn't be fair to Marty, because there would be no way possible to know what he would have done on another 7 games. This would have also taken me quite some time to figure out for everyone who played. The total number of rounds played by all players is a whopping 1062! This could have taken me upwards of, maybe, another month to figure out.

I hope next years Bag Tag Challenge will take some of these ideas, ratings, and consider on utilizing them into a general format, that everyone will enjoy. I have to admit, playing all the Bag Tag rounds and receiving points and ratings made me enjoy the game more and also made me more competitive. I have never been much of a competitive player. But this years Bag Tag has changed that in an enjoyful way. I really enjoyed collecting all the data, since I am a BIG data nut. (Did I just say that? oh.) Please check out the links above to check out the Preliminary and the 2004 - 2005 Bag Tag Final. Enjoy!

Darrell "The Machine" Mohl

"It cannot think for itself. It has no will.
It exists only to respond to your direction.
It needs constant guidance,
Control it. Make it do what you want."








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