River Country Bag Tag Challenge I, 2004 - 2005

RUNNING DATE: September 2004 to August 2005
BAG TAG COST: $5.00 buy-in.
CHALLENGES: Personal (within the rules)
ACEPOT CHALLENGES: Saturday, Sunday, & Wednesday (mandatory).


1. BAG TAGS cannot be held onto. You must challenge or be challenged within an EIGHT (8) week period. You must also have played out one of those challenges! You must forfeit, and especially the lower numbered Bag Tags if you fail to follow this rule. (No hanging onto the #001 tag for more than two months, etc.) Going into the New Year: 2005, this rule will be enforced!

2. You must show up to at least one RCBFA Bag Tag Round within a FIVE (5) week period. You must forfeit, and especially the lower numbered Bag Tags if you fail to follow this rule. You will loose points determined by the Bag Tag you have. See chart below. (No hanging onto the #001 tag for more than a month, etc.) Going into the New Year: 2005, this rule will be enforced!

3. PERSONAL CHALLENGES must use the 10 RULE. The Player who has Bag Tag #001 can only be challenged by players who have lower Bag Tag numbers equal to or less than #011. The general rule is to take your Bag Tag number, subtract 10 from it, and the result would be the lowest Bag Tag you would be able to challenge.

4. RCBFA - ACEPOT CHALLENGES are completely open. All bag tags will be turned in and then passed back out, after the round, from best score on down. This is not optional, if you play Acepot, you will be included. You must bring your tag! There are no personal challenges during this round. Failing to follow this rule will result in the loss of points as follows…….
Bag Tag #001 - #005: (-25 each instance)
Bag Tag #006 - #015: (-10 each instance)
Bag Tag #015 and on: (-05 each instance)
Not showing up in the required amount of time will also use this chart for now. If I deem it necessary, points deducted may require larger denominations!

5. LOST TAGS must be reported and replacements will be as follows…
Bag Tag #001 - #005 = $5.00
Bag Tag #006 - #020: = $2.00
Bag Tag #021 and on: = $1.00.
If a replacement is made and the lost tag is found, one must be turned back in. The replacement costs are not refunded. They will be used first to defray cost of replacements and then any left will be added to the pool.

6. SCORING during Bag Tag Rounds will follow the normal PDGA rules with the exception of any NO MANDO/OB Rounds. This means just what it says. If you are in a tree, you play exactly right under the disc. If you are in water, you may bring the disc in, where it went out, no closer to the hole. Just like normal rules, but with no strokes added.

7. UNSAFE or DANGEROUS lies will be handled with a three (3) meter relief as long as it is no closer to the hole and the majority of your group agrees that it is truly an unsafe lie. (Landing in water is not an unsafe lie.) A player will not take a stroke for this movement! A player will never take more than a six (6) on any given hole. Just pick up if and when you are at this point. These two rules are legitimate in games with or with out the NO MANDO/OB rule in effect. Let's have fun and compete, but let's be safe about it.


1. Points are awarded as follows………………….
A) Points for showing up with TAG: 01
B) Points for each DUECE: 01 ea.
C) Points for each ACE: 10 ea.
D) Points for Players BEAT: 01 x B / 3 (B= Players Beat)
E) Points for UNDER PAR game: 03
F) Points for PAR game: 02
G) Points for BOGEY free round: 05
H) Points for Winning SAME BT: 01
I ) Points for Winning LOWER BT: 02
J) Points for Winning BT 05 or LESS: 01
K) Points for Winning BT 10 or LESS: 01
L) Points for Winning BT 20 or LESS: 01
M1) Points for Defending Lowest Tag: 03
M2) Points for Winning Lowest Tag: 02
N) Points for showing up w/LOWER BT: 03 (NEW to encourage PERSONAL CHALLENGES)
O) Points for showing up w/Higher BT: 01 (NEW to encourage PERSONAL CHALLENGES)

2. Ratings are calculated by TOTAL number of POINTS divided by TOTAL number of GAMES played. A rating is given because not all players have played the same number of games!

3. Points will never be subtracted for any type of penalties, bogeys, etc. However, if you show up to a RCBFA Acepot Challenge without your tag, you will not be able to compete and you will lose points determined by your tag number (See chart above) Number of regulated games will be determined before August 2005. This will be the number of GAMES a player must attend to qualify for the Bag Tag Challenge Final!

River Country Bag Tag Final Cash Payout Round

1. (Added 04/06/05) Points and ratings will lead up to a final River Country Bag Tag Round Final. The format of this will be a version of Match Play Double Elimination! It will follow the Match Play Round Preliminary, somewhat, that Ed Doppelmayr held on an Acepot on April 3rd, 2005. This was played just before the Windy River Open and had a total of 14 players.

2. (Added 09/25/05) After looking over the format played, this Final is not, in a sense, Double Elimination. All players are guaranteed TWO nine holes. To be in the Winner bracket, you must win both of your first two nines. If you loose your first nine holes, you are moved down to the Loser Bracket. If you win your first nine and loose your second nine, you are eliminated and are out of the cash! If you are moved down to the Loser Bracket and loose your, basically, second nine you are eliminated and are out of the cash. I have to admit I like the format, but I would not call it Double Elimination. I think I would classify it more as a Two Nine Do or Die. After doing it this way, and understanding more about it, I think it is a great format for a Final! The basics of which kept the Final down to a manageable short day. True Dbl. Elimination with 16 players could have kept the time involved, long, and some players could have played on upwards to 4 rounds. I defiantly would have made all players involved understand how it would be, and especially the players who did not play in the Preliminary back in April, if I knew and had more time to ponder on it! I think I would also have made it a FULL 18 in place of the first nine, and then subsequent rounds would have been only nine holes. This would have kept it in the true Bag Tag Round tradition, and guaranteed all players a full round and half. Of which I will do, if and only if, I ever run another Bag Tag Challenge! DM.

3. Going forth, I'm pleased, overall, on how all things turned out for all the Bag Tag rounds, Points awarded, and Players rated to get to this point. I think all ranges of the rated players had a good chance to win some of the Bag Tag $5.00 cash fees back. It was never my intention to pay out by the ratings or for that matter the points. Everyone who joined in the 2004 - 2005 bag tag was going to get a chance at it. Ratings and Points were a useful tool in placing players where they stood. If I went by points, the cash would have went to myself with a total of 1076 points.


I reserve the right to change all or none of these rules. There may be amendments to these rules in the future. If a good idea comes to me, it may become a RULE.