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From: David Roeder [mailto:d_roadster@yahoo.com]
Sent: Saturday, June 07, 2008 9:55 AM
To: dmohl@charter.net
Subject: Disc Golf

Hello Sir !

My name is Dave Roeder. I was introduced to Disc Golf about a month ago. I have been out 4 times so far and was hooked on first time out ! It's an awesome sport, and something I plan to continue for a long time.

I had a couple questions for you if you have time... First off I am told to be a really good driver, and so far I am constant in my drives for distance..  What is the distance of hole 18 from Tee off to the basket ? I tried to look on the web site, but there were no measurements. Also membership !  What are the yearly dues for the local club?

Also I am a custom knifemaker. I was wondering if you had at any time during the year, a fund raiser, or auctions ect.? I would like to make a knife especially for the club, and auction it to raise some extra funds for the coarse. I really liked the entire place,and think it would be a nice thing to do if it would benefit the coarse. Please when you have time either e-mail me, or you can call.  Have a great day !

Dave Roeder
Hello Dave,
The distance on hole 18 is 392'. That is from the original tee pad to the basket on the right (Long). The original tee pad is the one on the right hand side of the tree closer to the road. You can deduce what the distances are to the other basket or using the alt tee pad. Hope this helps.
The club dues, per year, are $15.00 + $5.00 if you plan on playing the acepot on Saturday. If you become a club member, it not only helps the course out, you would be able to play in the acepots that are held on Wednesday @ 5:00pm, Saturday @ 12:00pm and Sunday @10:00am. The cost per acepot round is $6.00 or $7.00 if you play poker.
Contact Kaleb Ralph at (509) 948-2612 for more info on Club Membership, the Acepots, and/or your Knife Idea. Hope to catch you at an acepot. Later....
Darrell Mohl

From: John W. Ross [mailto:johnr414@gmail.com]
Sent: Wednesday, January 30, 2008 11:10 AM
To: dmohl@charter.net
Subject: Course play

I've played that course a number of times with fond memories of each.

But I'm writing to ask about how a particular hole is scored. I don't remember the number but it's a shot toward the river, as I remember it to an island surrounded and defined by rocks. What I would like to know is what happens, scorewise, if your shot doesn't make the circle? Do you re-tee, take a stroke or move to a drop zone? How far is it from tee to safe shot?

Thanks so much for taking time to respond.

John W. Ross
Corvallis, OR
Hello John,
The hole you are talking about is #4. As you may know, there is a road that runs very close to the circle of rocks. So any thing past this road would be considered water, cept' the island of rocks. So you would drop your lie next to the road, where your disc crossed, and shoot to the hole from there. The exception to this, is if your disc had defiantly crossed the island before going out of bounce. If this is the case, you would drop your lie on the island were it went out at. Hope this helps. Any Q's, give me another line.
Darrell Mohl

From: George L. Curran [mailto:g.l.curran@larc.nasa.gov]
Sent: Thursday, June 29, 2006 5:15 AM
To: Darrell Mohl
Subject: Coming to town this weekend

Hi Darrell,

Thanks for the reply. Just back to my office. I did make it to the course early on Sat. morning. I saw your announcement on the board for the Sunday tourney, but we were on the road to Portland about 10 AM.

The only chance I had was to be on the course about 7:30 Sat. morning. I could not play all the holes since I was not sure of the pin placement until I walked and ran the course a bit.

Some good challenges on the holes. I did not play it because I could not see the pin - but 14 looks like it is a good one. Down the hill and to the right around the big trees. The tee for 9 is fun back in
the trees and then 10 and 18 across the little "creek" were fun. Looked like a few holes could use a little tender loving care with some signs and tee directions - but that is true at lots of courses.

15 and 16 looked pretty tough along the road in the brush. I would guess that a disc goes over the fence to the right now and then - that would be a tough retrieval! I am guessing that the Sunday
rounds were a bit "warm" since you got some unusual hot weather. We saw 103 degrees on the road through the Columbia gorge - one hot day!

If you ever make it to South east Virginia - I will be happy to share a round. 3 fairly good courses in a 30 mile radius.


Hello George,
Sorry, been out of town since Wednesday. Got in late last night. Anyway, I will be down on the course Sunday at 10:00am for an Acepot. If you are able to check your email away from home, and get this before 10:00am, maybe you can join us. I'll make sure you get in my group and we are shooting for over $400. Anyway, call me if this is OK.

Darrell Mohl