Dryad Dance

Welcome to Dryad Dance!

The Painting and Poetry of Edwina Peterson Cross

A Dryad, as you may know, is the Spirit of a Tree. Here you will find an eclectic collection of fine paintings, and poetry that deal with Trees . . . dancing . . .Dryads . . . spirits . . . magic . . . mystery . . .and much more. There are Faeries and fantasy; abstracts and animals; children and chakra studies. You will find here perceptions turned to paintings and ideas which have become image. There are rainbows, wishes and wind; the sacred and serene and even Shakespeare.

My paintings are done with a Wacom graphire tablet and a pen, freehand on the computer, using an ancient program called “Painter 5.” They cover so many subjects that it was hard to make categories. The paintings are, for the most part, soft and full of light, with a distinct feeling of fantasy. On the other hand, there are vivid, strong works of bright color, landscapes, whimsey and humor, pictured quotes , words of wisdom and paintings of holiday, celebration and revels! Eclectic; yes.

Here you will also find paintings and poems paired. I am a multi-published poet and actually began painting in order to make concrete images of some of my poems. I have done similar things with music and much with the art of The Dance.

Come into a world of colored concepts, of
pictured poetry and blooming light that touches the soul. 

All you need is to open the door!

Welcome to my world.

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