This is an Important Election

This may turn out to be one of the most important elections in IVGID’s history.   Even if you haven’t voted in years, I urge you to become an educated voter.   Whether you’re a property owner or renter resident, let your voice be heard in determining the future of IVGID.

IVGID is a General_Improvement_District (“GID”). IVGID has been very successful propogating the myth it is only "quasi government" [i.e., nothing more than a series of businesses (take a look at the Q&A section to see how this misconception has evolved)]. It has had nearly 50 years to use OUR money to build ITS businesses.   I say ITS businesses because most of what IVGID spends our money on has nothing to do with recreation nor utilities for "the inhabitants...of (Incline Village, Crystal Bay) and the State of Nevada" [the very reason for IVGID's existence {see NRS 318.015(1)}]. Just think; if IVGID actually made money, wouldn’t we property owners be getting a dividend check back every month?  Or wouldn’t our Recreation and Beach Fees be going down instead of up? The truth of the matter is that IVGID spends more than it makes (over_$75_MILLION more_over_the_last_fourteen_years) and local property owners have become IVGID’s “piggy bank.”   For those voters who are tenants, you may be thinking about buying a home now that interest rates have come down. But at the rate IVGID is spending and without a change of course, your Recreation and Beach Fees may end up totaling more than your property taxes!  Even if you’re not thinking of buying, can you point to any other community, anywhere, where tenants must get their landlords’ “permission” just to get a resident discount/Recreation Picture Pass for PUBLIC (and not Homeowner Association) amenities? This is specifically because of our Recreation and Beach Fees. If we had a different means of financing our venues (like operating them at a break even or on a positive cash basis), tenants would no longer be treated as if they were second class citizens.

If you don’t understand there’s a problem, how can you possibly offer solutions? If you’re a current or past Trustee who created or contributed to the very problems/debts we’re now shackled with, or you're a former IVGID employee who has been indoctrinated into the culture we know as "the IVGID way," how can you possibly offer the leadership necessary to reverse course? If you agree it’s time for a REAL change, I respectfully ask for your vote. And thanks for taking the time to become informed.

Why Aaron is Running

Aaron has been a year round resident of Incline Village since 2007. In the last four or more years he has been one of the few who have regularly attended most IVGID Board and Audit Committee meetings. Except for Frank Wright (who’s also running for Trustee), Aaron rarely saw his fellow candidates...EVER. From Aaron's attendance at these meetings, the questions he has asked and the documents he has examined, he has acquired a unique knowledge of IVGID, its history, policies, affairs and finances [a knowledge shared by few other than our former General Manager and his "senior management team" (what Aaron refers to as our General Manager's "Merry Men")] that he and others believe will serve him well as your new Trustee. This site will share much of what Aaron has seen and learned, and we think you’re going to be shocked by many of his discoveries. It may take some time to bring this site “up to speed,” so please bear with us and check back often for updates.

Aaron is running for IVGID Trustee because our Board has been bamboozled into believing it has no power other than to set policy (which is ignored by staff). The Board refuses to take charge, change staff's culture and mete out the “tough love” Aaron and others believe is required. IVGID needs fixing. EVERY one of its business operations loses money; A LOT of money! Before Aaron began hammering home the truth, few outsiders understood this stark reality (including current Board members). In fact, one of Aaron's fellow candidates actually caused many of the problems we currently face when he was on the Board (so why would we ever want to give him a second bite at the apple?). Every candidate claims to be a successful “business person” or “entrepreneur.” IVGID’s history reads like a "who’s-who" of business people and entrepreneurs and look where it has gotten us. Aaron and others say enough with “so called” business persons/entrepreneurs. Moreover, the IVGID Board doesn't operate ANY IVGID business; it abdicates responsibility to staff. So what good really are your “entrepreneurial” skills?

Unlike most of Aaron's fellow candidates, he is beholden to no one. He doesn’t depend upon IVGID, our community’s largest employer (i.e., BIG government), for a job. Unlike some candidates, I doesn't need the salary nor free recreation privileges which are matter-of-factly given to each trustee (which by the way he will REFUSE if elected). Aaron's not running a local business and intends to shape policy so IVGID will not become his business competitor. Nor will he steer IVGID's ship so that his business can profit by becoming one of its favored “partners.” Nor is Aaron championing the interests of one or more non-profits, however worthy, that want to unfairly use the public’s recreational facilities for free or below its cost, or in exchange for things having nothing to do with recreation nor have any documented measure of value to local property owners who are financing this philanthropy. Unless/until these venues become profitable, all such giveaways cost IVGID money or result in a loss of revenue and thus directly result in an increase to our Recreation and Beach Fees.

As a homeowner who pays Recreation and Beach Fees, Aaron believes he has the standing to make the criticisms he does as to how his and your money is spent. Aaron has the knowledge and is one of the few with the gumption to implement a Plan to reduce these Fees by 50% over the next three years or less, and to eliminate them altogether in five (it’s called his “C.E.O.“ Plan). Isn’t it time IVGID and its staff started working for us rather than we working (and paying) for them? If you agree, Aaron respectfully asks for your vote.









































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