Diocese of Gaylord

Pre-Cursillo Pastoral Plan


1. To Target Environments

2. To Prepare Sponsors

3. To Select Candidates

4. To Prepare Candidates

5. To Administer the Application Process for the Diocesan Cursillo weekends.


1. To Target Environments.

1A) To Insure all Diocesan Priests and Religious are aware of the Diocesan Cursillo Movement and encourage attendance by qualified candidates (see "To Select Candidates). This is accomplished through the following methods:

1A1) Communications from the Bishops office showing support for Cursillo.

1A2) Having a Cursillo "Spiritual Advisor" within each Vicariat of the Diocese. This must also be accomplished by and through the Bishops office.

1A3) Be prepared to act on any social issues the Bishops office calls on us to do.

1A4) Update and maintain an active Cursillo Web Page with Links from the Diocesan Web-Site.

1A5) Provide Attendance at any and all Ministry Fairs, Informational Meetings, etc.Ö as requested by any Parish Priest/Religious.

1B) To Study Diocesan-Wide Environments in accordance with the current "Leaders Manual/Page 179."

NOTE: Primary Responsibility of the CFW (Cursillo Formation Workshop).

To select those environments that have a dynamic influence on Society, the CFW will pay particular attention to the following environments, and take concrete steps for their Christianization.

1B1) The Advertising Field

1B2) The Academic Community

1B3) The Media/Communications Field

1B4) The Medical Profession

1B5) The Political Field

1C) To assist Ultreya Communities in identifying and responding to local parish needs: Establishing and/or revitalizing Ministries within the makeup of Parish Life Acting upon Local Social Justice issues within Ultreya Parish's.

2) To Prepare Sponsors

To educate the Diocesan Community on the responsibilities of sponsoring a candidate. The following methods will be utilized:

2A) Education received primarily through the Diocesan CFW.

2B) Insure Sponsor Booklets are provided to both the CFW & Ultreya Communities for distribution/loan to prospective sponsors.

2C) Provide Sponsor Guidelines as defined in the Leaders Manual (page-85) to each Ultreya Community for publication in the Respective Ultreya Newsletters. This is to be accomplished 2 Months prior to the beginning of the Application Time-Table.

3) To Select Candidates

3A) To Identify the influential people (vertebrae) within each selected environment, and insure those candidates satisfy the basic requirements to participate in the 3-Day Cursillo Weekend. (Leaders Manual Pages 80-84):

3A1) Those who have Strength of character and self control, who are able to make their own decisions and to be self motivated, who are mature, free and responsible.

3A2) Those who are vertebrae, leaders, self-starters, Movers.

3A3) Those who are concerned about the social conditions of our times.

3A4) Those who have the ability and desire to live in and for the community.

3A5) Those who are in a position to receive the Sacraments of the Catholic Church, or could become so can go.

3A6) Candidates must desire to grow in perfection as persons and as Christians.

3A7) Candidates must have an attitude of listening, of friendship, and a disposition to change (a willingness to be converted).

3A8) Candidates must understand clearly that they are not going to attend a mere theoretical course, but that the 3-Day Cursillo is about life, about persons, about the church, about a concrete, visible and experiential community.

3A9) Candidates must have an eagerness for redemption and have hope of meeting their savior.

3A10) There must also be awakened, the candidates' ability to recognize and interpret the signs of the times, an attitude necessary for anyone on a pilgrimage with the Church in the world.

3B) Those who should not go (Leaders Manual Page 82).

3B1) Those who have Psychological or Emotional problems should not attend Cursillo.

3B2) Those whose Moral life is contrary to the teachings of the Catholic Church should not attend Cursillo.

3B3) Those who belong to other religious denominations, should not attend Cursillo, they should be encouraged to attend DeColores, Emaus, or other similar non-sacramental weekend.

3B4) Member's of Diocese's other than the Gaylord Diocese should attend Cursillo within their own Diocese if an active Cursillo movement exists within that Diocese, Candidates should not be accepted without the express permission of the Secretariat in the Diocese where the candidate is living (Leaders Manual Page-181).

Due to geographical proximity and their distance from their active Cursillo Community, an exception is made within the Marquette Diocese for the Area east of I-75 within Mackinaw County including Drummond Island.

4) To Prepare Candidates:

4A) The CFW should oversee the preparation of the candidates. The actual preparation should be accomplished as an evangelization activity of the community (a group reunion or ultreya). It could also be done by an individual, who would ordinarily sponsor a candidate after a process of making a friend, being a friend and bringing that friend to Christ, or a better relationship with Christ. (Leaders Manual Page 84)

4B) Preparation in the community is needed in order to achieve the goal of Cursillo. In order for the candidate to become familiar with the community, the best approach is to help the candidate come in contact with the community before the Cursillo weekend itself. At the least, there must already be a community ready for the new Cursillistas so that when they return from the weekend they may find an atmosphere where they can live in a Christian style (Leaders Manual Page-84).

4C) Sponsors are to support each candidate following the process described in the National Cursillo Movement's Sponsors' Booklet.

4D) To provide personal contact to each candidate from Sponsor and the Cursillo Leaders within the Ultreya Community.

5) To Administer the Application Process for the Diocesan Cursillo weekends.

5A) Insuring the Administrative functions of the Pre-Cursillo stage are accomplished to support the 3-day Weekend. These functions include, but may not be limited to:

5A1) Insuring Candidate Applications for the 3-Day Weekend are updated and released to the Ultreya Communities no later than 5 Months prior to the 3-Day Weekend schedule.

5A2) Insure a focal point for collection of Candidate applications within each of the Ultreya Communities. This focal point will be the Pre-Cursillo Representative of each of the Leader Servant Groups.

5A3) Collect and Catalog the Candidate applications for the Diocese into a Master List for:

5A3a) Confirmation Letters of acceptance to Candidates, including weekend information.

5A3b) Confirmation Letters of acceptance to Sponsors, including Sponsor Responsibilities.

5A3c) Confirmation Letters of acceptance to Pastors.

5A3d) Distribution back into the Diocesan Ultreya Communities for Palanca.

5A3e) Distribution to the Rectors & Co-Rectors of both the Men's & Women's Weekends.

5A3f) Distribution to the Secretariat Cursillo Chairperson so that any special needs, physical, Dietary, or other, can be arranged for with the hosting facility e.g: Conway/Sister Barbara.

5B) Candidate Acceptance Review.

5B1) The Application review committee made up of the Diocesan Pre-Cursillo Rep, and the Pre-Cursillo representative from each Ultreya Community shall meet within one week of the application deadlines to review applications and determine the candidates who will be accepted for the 3-Day Weekend.

5B2) Application Process, Sponsors of candidates are responsible for insuring completed applications along with appropriate sponsor feeís are turned into each Ultreya Pre-Cursillo representative. The Ultreya Pre-Cursillo Representative will verify all applications for completeness and sponsor feeís. The Ultreya Pre-Cursillo Rep will then forward the completed application to the Diocesan Pre-Cursillo Rep for processing. To insure fairness throughout the Diocese, The order that applications are processed will be the Postmarked date on the envelope sent by the Ultreya Pre-Cursillo rep to the Diocesan Pre-Cursillo rep.

5B3) All Candidate applications will be reviewed using the guidelines as published in the Leaders Manual for candidate selection (Leaders Manual Pages 80-84).

5B4) To insure equal representation throughout the Diocese at Cursillo weekends, the following methodís will be used for candidate selection.

5B4a) Four (4) seats on each weekend will be reserved for each Vicariate within the Diocese, with an additional Four (4) seats for the Drummond Island Ultreya. Each Vicariate will forfeit their reserved seats if no applications are received by the close of the published application deadline date. All forfeited seats will be re-assigned by the candidate selection committee fairly throughout the remaining vicariates utilizing "Consensus" where there is no consensus in assigning the remaining seats, the remaining seats will be assigned by drawing lotís.

5B4b) The Two (2) remaining seatís on each weekend will be reserved and assigned by the candidate selection committee for Vicariates that have used their Four (4) reserved seats, but have an additional candidate whose environment is considered one of the targeted environments as noted in Paragraph 1.B.1-5.