Saint Aelred's Celebration

January, 2004

Grace Episcopal Church, Woodlawn

Preacher: Dr. Louie Crew
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The Reverend Dr. Ruth LaMonte, interim rector at Grace, presided at the Eucharist.  She also accepted an icon of St. Aelred from Integrity Alabama on behalf of the membership at Grace.  The gift follows a tradition established by Integrity when it presented St. Andrew's Episcopal Church on Birmingham's Southside a similar icon in appreciation of that parish's recognition of the patron saint of Integrity.

Integrity Alabama Treasurer David Gary was the committee chair for the 2004 Aelred banquet feast.  A four-course dinner was provided by Integrity in the parish hall of Grace-Woodlawn.  Gary is pictured here with banners that  are reproductions of the earliest known wood cut artwork commemorating Aelred.


The Clergy & Lay Ministers at the Eucharist


The Reverend JR Finney from Covenant Metropolitan Community Church was the Gospeler for the seventh annual celebration of the feast of St. Aelred.  Finney's church, also in Woodlawn, is active in Grace's altar-to-street ministry Grace-by-Day.

A dozen clergy attended the event.  Included in the interdenominational participation were the Reverend Susan Lowe, the Reverend JR Finney and the Reverend Helene Loper.

Dr. Louie Crew, left, enjoys fellowship at the banquet feast which followed the Aelred service.  More than 110 people dined in the Grace church parish hall which is primarily used to feed the poor a noontime meal 365 days of the year.

Con-celebrant, The Rev. Jim Creasy, with the Homilists, Dr. Louie Crew

Integrity Alabama convener Brad LaMonte and board member Katie Richardson enjoy a visit during the banquet feast.  LaMonte is a member of the event's hosting parish, Grace - Woodlawn.  Richardson is an active member of St. Andrews on Birmingham's Southside.


Those who made it happen