To encourage interest in aviation and to enable shareholders of AAI to operate and study aviation economically and convieniently.

Our club is based at Airlake Airport (KLVN) in Lakeville, MN.  We currently own a 1980 Cessna Skylane RG, a 1979 Piper Archer II a 1985 Cessna Skyhawk and our most recent addition, a 1981 Piper Archer II.


Monkey plan - flight planning for military pilots has lots of good airport information and a time hack link

AOPA flight planning page gets you to DUATS and lets you manage your flight plan

Airlake Aero

Flying Club

Our pilots belong to various organizations

Minnesota Business Aircraft Association

Air Life Line

Our club members are always looking for the perfect $100 hamburger or a fly-in at a small town airport.  The MNDoT Office of Aeronautics has a list of fly-in events in the state and our club members have some popular destinations.


If you're gonna fly you have to know the weather...

MNDoT Aviation weather page

Kavouras Minnesota weather

Severe Thunderstorm Warning

             Club Activities

Wash and Wax Day: Spring wash and wax day is set for Saturday May 3rd at 0800.  Remember the no-show fee is now $50.  If you can't make it on the scheduled day, make arrangements to work at a different time.

NOTICE:  Annuals are in progress.  Come on out to the hangar and lend a hand.  Lots of work to do.

NEWEST DESTINATION: We have discovered a new destination.  If you're looking for a nice day trip in Minnesota check out the Amboy Cafe.  The food is excellent!


Club Activities

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