Notebook Series - Mosley TA-33-M-WARC Installation

[ Marquette, MI ]  This is a pictorial of my Mosley TA-33-M-WARC installation in 2011.  The installation instructions that come with the antenna are straightforward.  Read them carefully.
First, a few general comments: The antenna boom to mast U-bolts and plastic clamping blocks only accept a 1 1/2 inch OD mast, which was not available locally, so I had to order a five foot section.  The mast was less than the cost of shipment.  I suggested to Mosley that machining a boom to mast clamp for 2" OD pipe would be more beneficial, because suitable pipe from local hardware stores could then be used for the mast.
You first assemble the boom followed by the blue coded front radiator.  This is the driven element for 20, 15 and 10 meters, and is the first time you will decide on what pre-drilled holes to use.  Mosley suggests (it appears to be the only option) using the "phone" setting for all around band use since the antenna is so broad.  (In my installation the SWR was 2.0:1 at 14.0, 2.2:1 at 21.0 and 1.83:1 at 28.0.0 MHz.  This isn't very good for a CW guy, but I'll live with it.  Your solid state transceiver or amp may not, and you'll need a tuner.  Mine is an MFJ-998.  SWR in the phone segment of the band is fine.  Mosley should clarify their suggestion, especially if an antenna is mounted under forty-five feet.)  The front radiator is then mounted to the boom.
The red coded back radiator is built next.  This is the driven element (dipole) for the WARC bands, and there is only one setting for this element.  Follow the directions for mounting it to the boom and connecting the phasing lines.  Look at my pictures below to see how I simulated a mast with PVC.  I did this to insure the phasing line closest to the mast does clear the mast.  Note, this element is shorter than the front radiator, so it does look strange mounted between the reflector and the front radiator.
Next, assemble the black coded director.  Again, Mosley says to use the "phone" setting.  Next, assemble the brown coded reflector.  This will be your longest element and Mosley has you set this to the "CW" setting and NOT the "phone" setting used previously on the front radiator and director.
Now, mount the director and reflector to the boom using the supplied U-bolts and the #40 ALUMINUM clamping blocks.  (Do not use the plastic clamping blocks here.  They are for the boom to mast mounting.)  SWR was flat in the phone portion of 20, 15 and 10, and flat across 17 and 12 with the antenna mounted at 36 feet.
Joe (AJ8MH)

Staging area with a couple cement blocks.  Works great.  -  Using PVC pipe to simulate mast.  RF choke in box. (4 turns around 6 cores.)

Close shot of choke and phasing lines.  -  Rotor and mast getting checked out.

I can do this.  Checking belt before climb.  -  Ready to install rotor.

Rotor and mast installed.  Pulling down inverted-V.  -  Lowering antenna over mast.  Note gin-pole.

Adjusting height and U-bolts. - Trying to get mounting blocks between mast and boom.  About done.

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