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Who Are We?

Region One Sciences is a department in the regional division program of Starfleet's Region One. Our focus is to have fun while learning about science. Our science education activities consist of field trips, library and online research, and writing articles and fiction for club publications.

Region One Sciences is run by a Regional Division Chief, Admiral Richard Heim, and an Assistant Regional Division Chief, Captain Michael Lewis. Our email contact address is:

and our land mail contact address is:

Region One Sciences
P.O. Box 2072
Asheville, NC 28802

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The sciences flagship of Region One is the U.S.S. Alaric.

Although Region One Sciences functions as part of Starfleet, The International Star Trek Fan Association, we are pleased to share the enthusiasm, fun, and excitement of Science with anyone who is interested!

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Region One Sciences is a department of STARFLEET's Region One. STARFLEET and Region One Sciences recognize Paramount's sole ownership of all Star Trek copyrights.

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