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    I would be remiss if I didn't begin this page with the studs behind the studs. Neither Bill nor Cajun are available for outside use though -- I have exclusive rights to the grey-haired one, and the white-haired one has been neutered!
    About our alpaca studs.....
Bill and I have assembled a group of working boys that have more than earned their keep. I could ramble on about their pedigrees or conformation or fiber, but I won't. These boys and their offspring speak for themselves.

    These herdsires are available to our customers. We don't offer outside breedings for many reasons - the first being that as much as our boys would appreciate additional work, we've always had a closed herd for health reasons. We have quarantine facilities, but would rather not have to use them. I think the health and well-being of our herd reflect the choices we've made.

The Men that run Alpaca-Atlantic!

Listed in Order of Job Seniority

MoonShadow       ARI #157910
Color: Light Silver Grey                   Year Model: 1996
A nice strong manly head! Heading out to visit the ladies!
Great bone and manly muscles! With Moon, Fur-Ball, is a literal term of endearment!

Moon: our alpha male. I suspect it's Moon's influence that enables us to co-mingle every male on the place. From the just-weaned, to the sexual competitors -- Moon keeps the boys in line. He's as tough as nails, yet leads with 2 fingers and stands for nail-trimming without a halter. He's square, straight, and for an old man -- still packs on the fiber!

Click Here to View MoonShadow's 28 Offspring



Lanark's Gucci:                 ARI #810331
  Color: True Black                                              Year Model: 1998

Co-owned with Legacy Acres Alpacas
OK, OK, so I'm not the greatest photographer of black alpacas! He knows he's got the stuff! Squarly built with nice muscles!
Tons of fiber! These babies have settled every female, except one, with a single breeding!

We purchased our true, non-fading, blue-black Gucci from Lanark's Alpacas just before they went out of business in 1999. His sire is the acclaimed Peruvian Macusani, then owned by Linda Berry-Walker, one of the pioneers in the US camelid fiber industry.

Click Here to View Gucci's 23 Offspring



For reference only, as we sadly lost Bear in 2009.

Peruvian Mr Cheyenne (aka Bear)
ARI #815549                      Color: Med to Light Fawn                           Year Model: 1996
Demanding presence! Beautiful masculine head!
Ready for action! Square, straight, and strong!
Heavy boned and athletic!

When we saw what Cheyenne (aka Bear) produced when bred to three of our girls, we just had to have him! Sired by Maple Brook's Peruvian Cano, and out of Mariah's Peruvian Lady Cotta. The last of Bear's offspring will be born in the fall of 2009, as Bear has passed away. R.I.P. Bear, it was an honor having known you.

Click Here to View Bear's Offspring



Atlantic's Sunburst Rooney
ARI #1130942         Color: Medium/Light Fawn         Year Model: 2004

Co-owned with Deep River Alpacas
Attitude from day one. Check out his cria photo on the top of our Sale page! Absolutely beautiful fiber!
With 3 hands I could have taken a better photo, not the best angle, but he's got all the right stuff! Did I mention the impressive fiber-coverage on this boy???
Just waiting to start production on his own line of crias!

Rooney -- This Peruvian Guellermo grandson has applied for, and has been accepted into the "studley boy" program at Alpaca Atlantic! He began working for us last fall (2006), and is currently residing with Ed & Joyce, just outside of Raleigh, NC.

Click Here to View Rooney's Offspring



Atlantic's Buck-A-Roo       ARI #1131017
Color: Medium Rose Grey & White                                       Year Model: 2004
Another full, fine, fibered fellow! Density, crimp, and that beautiful rose-grey color! The antitheses of his dam, Tiny Tina the Terrible!
Full coverage, nicely proportioned, and looking for work! These babies are ready to rock-and-roll!

Buck -- This boy was trying to impress us with his breeding moves when he was one day old - and I have the photos to prove it! Our beautiful, boy Buck is the total package. Sired by our own Bear, and out of Tiny Tina the Terrible, this fellow has developed into a force to be reckoned with! He started working last fall (2006) and we're thrilled with his little Buckettes!

Click Here to View Buck's Offspring



Airstream               ARI #847298
Color: Medium Silver Grey         Year Model: 2003
Nicely defined crimp! Sound conformation and even proportions!
Mellow personality! Ready for action!
If you like grey & black, this boy is for you!

Airstream -- Do you get the feeling we like grey??? If this boy's progeny are anything like his sire's (45% grey!) we'll be thrilled. Airstream began working for a living last fall, during the 2006 breeding cycle. We're anxious to see what he produces!

Click Here to View Airstream's Offspring



Atlantic's Peruvian Kennedy       ARI #1130928
Color: White                                                                                                    Year Model: 2005
Out fiber king! Our own, personal, fleece-master! Gets his sweetness from his dam, Norma Jean, the prettiest girl I've ever seen!
Fully developed all over, and under! Is that a deep chest with a square build or what???

Kennedy -- Believe it or not, this boy is sired by the infamous rose-grey, Nic Nac. Not quite what we were expecting, but I suppose he favored his dam's side, which includes my all-time favorite, Jolimont Peruvian Pauco. Kennedy not only has non-stop fiber, but produces it as well. Look for lots more Kennedy offspring in the upcoming years!

Click Here to View Kennedy's Offspring



MA Mottley                         ARI #1152739
Color: White with Dark Fawn Spotting            Year Model: 2004
Crimp, crimp, crimp galore! Deep chest, straight legs, and ready for action!
Sound conformation and even proportions! Nice matched set!
Great body, great fiber, what's not to love!

Mottley -- OK, so we like to spice things up every now and then. White is nice, but a bit boring.....nothing personal Kennedy! Thanks Janet & Scott Swift for letting us steal this boy from you. We've got some offspring cooking in the oven, but find it quite amusing that Mottley's first cria (Atlantic's Peruvian SugarKane) is solid white!

Click Here to View Mottley's Offspring



Atlantic's McSteamy               ARI #30837133
Color: Medium Fawn vicunia pattern                                       Year Model: 2006

Co-owned with Legacy Acres Alpacas
Great coverage! Deep chest, straight legs, and ready for action!
Our little boy is all grown up! And he's a sweetheart to boot!
Did I mention this boy has great coverage???

McSteamy -- Prior to purchasing Danseur, we leased one of his sons, a breathtaking macho named Meritorious Danseur De Las Conlinas. Merit gave us 3 boys, two of which have joined the ranks of herdsire. We're thrilled to co-own this boy with Linda & Tom Baker, and look forward to adding McSteamy's offspring to our herd!

McSteamy's offspring will be making their debut in the spring of 2010!



Atlantic's Peruvian Ugachaka       ARI #31237666
Color: Dark Fawn vicunia pattern                                                                     Year Model: 2007
A stunning duplicate of his sire - Danseur! Are they cute or what!!! Uga's got everything you could want in a herdsire!
Just waiting for action! Add sweetness to macho, and this is what you get!

Ugachaka -- This boy is as close as we've come to cloning our boy, CA Cordero's Inca Danseur.....the only difference being that Ugachaka has perfect ears. We've been waiting for this boy for a long time, and now that he's joining our line-up, it's time to retire Danseur. Uga has the same fiber characteristics, same square build, and one of these days, it may even be hard to tell them apart!

Ugachaka's offspring will be making their debut in the fall of 2010!



AOV Peruvian American Idol
ARI #30019832                       Color: White                       Year Model: 2007

Ready for action! Just hanging around for some action!
Fiber, conformation, disposition, pedigree - Idol has it all! Great body with full coverage - a fiber lover's fantasy!
What more could you possibly ask for???

American Idol -- is only 7/8 Accoyo, but he's the full package! Many thanks Warren & Kim Shand, for letting us steal Idol from you. What more can I say, except...
A body hot like steam,
Fiber that's an addict's wet dream,
Easy going, movement that's flowing,
American Idol will rule supreme!

American Idol's offspring will be making their debut in the fall of 2010!

About these testicles.........

      If you've made it this far, and you're not an alpaca owner, you're probably wondering - what's with the testicle obscession??? Here's the deal, in layman's terms -- bigger is better, and they have to be a matched set.       You want as much sperm as possible to increase your chances of a conception with one breeding -- and, large testicles produce more sperm. And as Audrey McCarter recently pointed out to me (because she always likes to try to prove me wrong!!!), big balls also produce female offspring with larger ovaries -- which will spit out better eggs for a longer period of time over the course of her life. Audrey and I are both right! So - that's why I show you what our boys look like, all over and all under!

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