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Congratulations to Kathy of Poosey Ridge Alpaca Farm!

      I've been accused of talking ears off in the past -- but this was the first time I talked until someone's feet went numb!!! You were a trooper though, leaving with a worse cold than you came with.....but you also left with some cute alpacas!
      Here's hoping all your crias make you smile! Glad we were able to have been a part of you realizing your dream.
Hope & Sneaky Pete
And Botticelli & Penti
And Ellie & Lucky 13



Congratulations to our Tennessee neighbors:

Polly & Larry

      Polly - looking forward to teaching you what to do with alpaca fiber, once it's bagged up! These boys, together with your Buddy, will give you enough color combinations to keep you motivated for years!

      And Larry, I think you're a natural. I can see it now, in little time you'll be traveling the alpaca circuit as Larry, the Alpaca Whisperer Guy!



Congratulations to Vickie & Rick of Park Ridge Farm!
      How comical that Shanea waited just long enough for the ink to dry on our contract before giving birth to her daughter! Here's wishing you many more happy additions!
And Shanea
And Shanika

Congratulations to our neighbors:
Janet & Dan

      It is truly an honor to have our boys take up residence with lovers of the arts. Looking forward to seeing what develops over your way to keep your wood people and bat creatures company!


Miss Nessa
And Lady Meranda
And Tabitha

Congratulations to Sure-Shot Joyce & Shotgun Coyote-Ed of Deep River Alpacas!

      Bill and I are humbled to have had these three girls selected by the Honorable President of the Carolina Alpaca Breeders and Owners Association (drum roll), and his First Lady!

Linda & Barry of Finder's Hill Farm!

      Once again, it's great to be working with a neighbor -- especially ones that value the fiber aspect of this business. Linda, now you just need to teach Barry to knit!

Atlantic's Primo Borealis: 1/2 Interest

Birthday-Boy Ron & "Surprise!!!" Tara of Ambriel Acres LLC

      Got to tell you something Ron, if I thought celebrating birthdays would get me gifts of grey female crias...........I would announce my birthday on a billboard!!! Would that be wrong? Happy Birthday Ron!
      And as for you Tara -- this one ranks right up there with your surprise Mustang gift........shame though that Ford makes Mustangs! (Sorry, but Bill makes me insult Fords whenever possible.)
      I love this photo: Ron is speechless, Tara is thinking, "Got him!" and Argento is thinking, "Will someone take this silly bow off me please!!!"

Ambriel's Argento

Just 1 day old!

Congratulations to Julie of Soulshine Farm!
      When I read Julie's first posting on an alpaca chat group, I knew I wanted her to have these boys.
      Julie is an educator of educators, specializing in Tourette Syndrome, ADHD, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, anxiety, depression, auditory processing......just to name a few! She's the type of person that isn't just talking about making this world a better place -- she's doing it!
      I tip my hat to you Julie for the work that you do -- and I'm honored that our boys might bring smiles to faces.....besides ours!
Atlantic's Ike
And Atlantic's Juan Valdez
And Atlantic's Jack Johnson

Atlantic's Huff-Puff
1/2 Interest
Linda & Tom, of Legacy Acres Alpacas (and on their way to beautiful Manchester, TN!)

So - one of Robert's testicles wasn't enough for you huh??? I suppose they do look better as a matched set! Poor Huff is going to get a complex though!
Well - congrats neighbors on buying two more halves!

Mr Peruvian Robert
The other 1/2 Interest!

David & Sheila
Monte Sano Alpacas

OK David -- let's see if Zada can't pop out that prize-winning female cria for you!!! We'll be keeping our fingers crossed and doing that long-distance girl-dance for you! Best of luck.


Congratulations to Teri & Jim of Bountiful Farm!
      Here's another interesting story! Teri & Jim first visited us way back when we lived in North Carolina -- even before Hurricane Isabelle's visit! And when they arrived, I was unprepared as I had no idea what day of the week it was! Now if that wasn't a memorable unprofessional first-impression, I don't know what was!
      I still don't wear a watch - but have a barn clock that keeps me in check -- so was better prepared for their second visit!
      Now that I've confessed -- congratulations you two on buying these boys! It's an honor having boys live with an artist of your caliber! Best of luck to you both!
Legacy Acres Blaze
And Atlantic's Rockamundee
Atlantic's P. Pronto
And Atlantic's Mercury Moon
And Atlantic's Knock Out

Thunder Creek's Mezcal
A Second Congratulations to Audrey of Thunder Creek Alpacas.
      This is a story with an interesting twist. We leased your boy, Meritorious Danseur, who gave us five beautiful crias -- then you go and buy his firstborn back! Guess you really know what you like -- and this apple (Mezcal) sure didn't fall far from the tree! It's an honor to have one of our boys take up residence with the infamous Paca Pimp!

Congratulations to Tara & Ron of Ambriel Acres LLC, for purchasing Shakira, Hussey, Marilyn, Samantha, Aurora - and her early surprise Amadora!
      Always a pleasure to have connections with neighbors that have connections...............and I'm referring to the pizza underground here! Tara, nothing like having a little 'paca poop stuck to your shoes to remind you that you're home, growing some roots! And Ron, we're all going to give you the special support you'll need to help bring out your feminine side. And if it includes the use of heavy sedation, duct tape, and cattle prods -- well, just know that we're committed to helping you.
      And in the spirit of George Castanza in The Red Dot......Would that be wrong??? Should we not do that??? I tell you we gotta plead ignorance on this thing because if anyone had said anything to us at all when we first started here that that sort of thing was frowned upon, you know, cause we've worked in a lot of barns and I tell you peope do that all the time!!!!
Atlantic's Shakira
And Hussey
And Atlantic's Peruvian Marilyn
With Ambriel's Amadora
And Atlantic's Samantha

Well Linda & Tom, isn't this just special!!! You go back to the top of the list (for a while anyway!) because I'm going senile and forgot to congratulate you back in November! And it's been so long since you bought Robert's left testicle that I don't even remember the cookie-payment!

Yeah - we all know you're from Legacy Acres Alpacas - soon to be our neighbors........and least we forget........CFBAAYFOTLA!!!

Mr Peruvian Robert
1/2 Interest

Sure-Shot Joyce & Shotgun Coyote-Ed of Deep River Alpacas
(And yes, we fully expect you to use your official names on your web site!)

      Congratulations on your 6th purchase! Well -- not really sure if it counts as a full 6th as you only bought half, so don't think this suggestion of fullness overrides the halfness of the contract verbiage ;)

Atlantic's Sunburst Rooney: 1/2 Interest

Linda & Barry of Finder's Hill Farm!

      Although we never discussed who gets which testicle - it's nice to know that both of them are going to reside in the area! Great doing business with, and getting to know a neighbor! I'm sure Dude is thrilled as well - just biding his time, waiting to go to work!

Accoychi Dude: 1/2 Interest

OK Linda & Tom!       CFBAAYFOTLA!!!
      I'm thinking we should have held on to Amelia until she had the female cria she's cooking in the oven, so we could sell you your 4th mother/daughter pair. Hate to jinx your pattern. Or perhaps we can just charge you extra when she has her cria!!! Payable in cookies! After all, we did do our special "make a girl cria dance" that's been working so well for us! Anyhow, congratulations on buying your 7th girl! Hope you read para 3 of the contract that states we'll deliver Amelia anywhere in Coffee County. For the record, that's where Manchester is! We've had it with that D.C. traffic - so pack up and get moving!!! Amelia Earhart

Congratulations to Linda, Ricky, and Jessica of Kentucky!
      Linda: With as long as you've pondered this decision, it can't help but to be the right one! We'll also keep our fingers crossed for a slew of girls that you won't be able to bear to part with!
      Ricky: Smart move backing your wife! You'll be sucked in to the business before you know it and Bill will be saying, "Told you so!"
      Jessica: You're a natural. I'm looking forward to working with you ;)
Atlantic's High Voltage
And Atlantic's Bimini Gambler
And Lola
And Ruffles

Blazing Lori
A 5th Congrats to Joyce & Coyote-Ed of Deep River Alpacas!
I wasn't sure if I should use the photo of Lori swimming in the pond at 5 hours of age, or chasing the puppy - as that's how she spends most of her waking hours - but opted for the traditional cute-baby shot! This is one cute baby! Bill and I may both forget to load her in the trailer when we bring your herd home ;)

Congratulations to Greg & Sandy of Kentucky!
We're flattered you've chosen to trust us with your first-purchase, thank you -- we won't let you down! Sandy: I only let you off the hook with those slip knots because you said you would practice at home! Greg: I know you're going to get stuck with the nail trimming - but Sandy still needs to learn to tie a slip knot! Good luck with your barn building and let's hope that Brandy gives you a girl to help celebrate ;)
Atlantic's Dare Devil
And Atlantic's Ponderosa Joe
Daisy Mae
And Brandy
And Emilee

A third congratulations to Lynn & Craig of Trilogy Alpacas!
Considering you gave birth to these two troublemakers, it's only fitting that they've found their way back home!
Atlantic's Batman
And Atlantic's Jambalaya

What can I say -- these boys were yours from day-one! I think we just reclaimed them when we moved to Tennessee so we could get back their dams! My only regret was that you bought them before we got to shear them...and keep the fleece ;) Thanks for reclaiming your boys!

Congratulations once again Joyce & Coyote-Ed!
If anyone wants to know about the nickname, you'll have to ask Ed - because I'm not telling! You folks are starting off with a wonderful diversity of genetics in these girls and the herdsires they're bred to. Congratulations both on your purchase and in your plans. Can't wait to see Deep River Alpacas once you finish construction and get to bring the herd home!
Trademark Queen
And LaCelle's Zelda

Atlantic's Gothic Prince
Donna & Robert of Eureka Springs Alpacas.
To have sold an alpaca without ever having talked to the prospective owner, shown photos, or discussed background - is certainly a first for us! (Thanks Audrey!)

Prince has always been an easy going boy that would blend with any group. Thanks for giving him a great home. We wish you success with your upcoming births! Hope to at least get the chance to meet you one of these days!!!

Linda & Tom of Legacy Acres Alpacas. (sorry Tom, but I'm going back to the "Ladies First" rule!)
We may be retired from the military, but we can still make up acronyms -- I just can't remember what they mean!

So, now you two have the missing link. Our darling AnnaBelle completes your third mother-daughter team! What a fun theme! We can't wait until you have your own little granddaughters and half-sisters running around!
And....congratulations on buying a left testicle. Sorry Tom, but we're hanging on to the right ones! Gucci will sure think he's gone to heaven with all those good looking girls you've got. What a rough life these boy's have!
And Lanark's Gucci's Left Testicle
And just in case you're trying to shake the Cheesecake People nickname in exchange for the Pie Folks or the Cookie Monsters, forget it! If I'm "That Crazy Woman," you're going to be "The Cheesecake People!"

Congratulations Martha & Richard of Buttercup Farm!
I'm so sorry the timing of this sale was smack dab in the middle of our move to Tennessee. As you're working with Jo Overbey though, I know you're getting great support! These girls are sure to make a colorful addition to the three you already own. Best of luck to you!
Atlantic's Shelby
And Sandy Mae

Congratulations Joyce & Ed!
The purchase of your farm land made us literally green with envy. I give you credit for wanting to build your dream from scratch. That's something I never want to do again in this lifetime! Congratulations on the purchase of Slick and Sheila! They're sure to kick-start your business plan!
Atlantic's Slick Chickory
And Sheila

Atlantic's Janoops
Audrey of Thunder Creek Alpacas.
You've still got the school-girl in you when in comes to shopping for alpacas in that you sure know how to do your homework!
I wish you all the luck in the world with your endeavor! Hope to see you in the show ring one of these days soon. You're sure to make a splash with all the beauties you're collecting!

Tom & Linda of Legacy Acres Alpacas. (sorry Linda, but Tom's name comes first as he picked this one!).
I'm thinking I should just come up with an acronym for you two -- something like CFBAAYFOTLA (congratulations for buying another alpaca, you're first on the list again)!
Atlantic's Tinkerbelle
When Tom declared it was his turn to pick and he wanted a whitey, I wrote back describing TinkerBelle as "solid, day-glow white." So for all the world to see, I was wrong! If we had known she was bi-colored, we would have nicknamed her The Great Spotted Wonder or Mobey Spot or The Big Spotted One. I'm thinking Tinkie Stinkie, and Baby Huey would fit either way! We've never had a cria with so many nicknames, but we've never had a cria that weighed in at over 86 lbs at under 5 months! Sorry about the spot, but thanks for our favorite cheesecake!

Yet another congratulations to Craig & Lynn of Trilogy Alpacas!
With all those female crias you folks are popping out, Luna, Minx, and now Zara -- these fellows will have their work cut out for them when they start dating!
Atlantic's Mason-Dixon
And BeBe King

And here we thought we would at least get a dozen years worth of herdsire fees off of the two of you, with all those girls you've got now (7)! Now how are we going to pay for our new place in Nashville??? Can't wait to see what these two produce for you, of course knowing Mason, they'll all be so goofy you won't be able to part with any of them!

Congratulations again and again and again to Linda & Tom, or Tom & Linda.
Certified 'Pacaholics
of Legacy Acres Alpacas.

Lanark's Natasha
Hmmmmmmm. You guys were already at the top of the list after you bought Smoochie! Congratulations on buying your second mother-daughter team. This is one no-nonsense girl that'll keep that goofy 125 lb puppy of yours in line! Thanks again for the birthday cheesecake and Christmas cookes.....I wasn't supposed to share them with Bill was I????

Tom - Thanks for the slave labor after Hurricane Isabelle!
Linda - Thanks for letting us have Tom's slave labor after Hurricane Isabelle!

Congratulations once again to Tom & Linda - the Cheesecake, Wine, and Cookie People of Legacy Acres Alpacas.
Atlantic's Smoochie
OK, OK, you guys are back at the top of the list with your latest purchase! I think we must be the only 'paca breeders in the country that sell an animal and get a cheesecake with a check. What a deal! Best of luck with Smoochie - I think she was meant to be a Maryland girl - what with waiting to make her grand entrance during your weekend visit! Hard to resist a face like that!

Tom - Air Force still rules, no matter what Bill says!
Linda - you can't stay in the barn all day - sooner or later you have to go inside to make another cheesecake!

Congratulations yet again to Wayne & Fran of Bella Vista.
King Crimpson
This fine fawn fellow (I don't think I could say that three times, even on a good day!) is sure to compliment your gorgeous group of girls! Just give his body a couple of years to catch up to his ego - and he'll be good to go! Best of luck to the two of you.

A well deserved congratulations goes to Kate of Beech Springs Alpacas!
I absolutely admire the restraint and self-control you displayed during the time I've known you. When you first E-mailed me on (my birthday) December 12th of 2002, asking to visit because you needed a reality check I smiled. I spent 10 years in the reality check phase and I had a feeling I knew what you were looking for. I'm glad we've met and I'm honored you've chosen us for your first purchase. Bill and I look forward to working with you!
Miss Dobie
And TDR Cassi
Bennington Captain Hook
And Garth Vader

Congratulations Sallie & Ed
It was an honor to sell you your first animal, representing the start of your alpaca adventure! Gordie comes from a long proud line of Great Pyrenees that know how to work for a living -- and do it well. We also wish you well on your starter flock of bantams!
Gordie the Fearless
  Sallie - this is a Livestock Guard Dog, no matter how cute his looks!
Ed - about that "If a man is alone in the woods, is he still wrong?" question. Bill know the answer to that one!

Congratulations Tom & Linda - the Cheesecake People of Legacy Acres Alpacas.
It was quite a surprise to Bill and myself when you bought Neva-the-Diva. We thought you were just visiting for a fun weekend and to feed us the most wonderful cheesecake we've ever tasted in our lives! Pudge is looking forward to her retirement home and Beauregard is tired of this cute puppy phase and wants to get to work! Perhaps we'll deliver them in a year or two!
And Pudge
Beauregard (aka: Bo)
  You're off to a great start with Neva, her mom, and mighty Bo!
Tom - no matter what Bill says about us Air Force folks, we know how to stay out of the dirt - even though the Marines and alpacas don't!
Linda - alpacas are not house pets, alpacas are not house pets, alpacas are not house pets, even though you and Bill think they could be!

A hearty congratulations to Craig & Lynn of Trilogy Alpacas!
Don't think that you live so far away that we won't be stopping by at dinner time 3 to 4 nights a week to read Coko her bed-time story! And now that Bill knows where you live - you know where to look if any of your girls go AWOL! We're delighted to have you as competition in the 'hood.
Dillard's Sarah Grace
And Coko Puff
And Morning Star

Best Wishes!
Craig - it's good to have another Yankee transplant in the area -- even though you are a fizzacyst (little joke there!) and not a chicken rancher! Your enthusiasm is contagious.
Lynn - you do a great job of keeping your man grounded! And someday, when you have a couple hundred pet-alpacas, you might break down and sell just one! Or perhaps you'll just clear a few dozen more acres! Must be nice to have that option.

Best wishes to Ryan & Joanna of Southern Star Alpacas.
Thanks for purchasing from us and best of luck to you both. We're keeping our fingers crossed for a "Gucci Girl" from Ally Oop!

Congratulations to Wayne & Fran of Bella Vista.
The two of you win the Alpaca-Atlantic award for buying the most alpacas (9) in a single purchase - and for breaking our hearts with your selections. You won't win any money with this award - but you'll join our hall of fame! Can't wait to see what Moon and Gucci have sired. Here's wishing girlie thoughts for you!

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