"...because everyone is angry, and anger is beautiful."

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Spring 2005 -

Hello to the S.A.A.A. -   ( that's you guys - more to follow in the coming days )

Wow, a lot has been happening since we last had a chance to update the webpage.   So much in fact that a complete redesign of the page will take place before summer.   Here's the info -

First of all, I want to say again how humbling it is the way you received the Anger As Art CD - The reviews have been amazing, the demand has been steady since September 2004.   Deliveries of CDs number in the 1000's, and doesn't show any signs of slowing yet.   I am so grateful.   Thank you.   Particularly for those who have joined the S.A.A.A. across the USA who have helped with getting the word out - I am in debt to you.   We have received radio play on all 3 radio mediums ( terrestrial, internet and satellite) Steady play in some places, too.   The latest area of growth is Italy ( also Holland and Germany), where they are feeling the anger...   Also, in April 2005, the song "I Create Your God" will be featured on BW&BK's Knuckletracks - issue #87.   For those who hear of us there, welcome.   Glad you are here.

Here is the answer to questions that are ongoing - YES !    There is now a band.   We are called ( what else?) Anger As Art. And if all goes according to plan, we should be playing some initial dates in Los Angeles, and taking the band on the road for the second half of 2005.   Who are the players ?   3 of the best people you can ask for.   On lead guitar, please welcome William "Fro" Rustrum. Angelenos will know him from Raven Mad and also the Megadeth tribute Hangar 18 (he does a better Dave Mustaine than Dave Mustaine).   On bass, horns up to Javier Marrufo.   Another great player and bandmate - imagine Cliff Burton crossed with Robert Trujillo.   And last but not least, no one has a better feel for this kind of music than Mars Castro on drums.   He was my bandmate in DOD, and also is known for the thunder behind Coffin Texts.   That leaves me on vocals and (gulp) lead guitar.   We have been playing steady now for about 2 months, and if you have high expectations, please know that we have the same feeling.   I want to emphasize that this is a band - not 3 guys blindly following what I tell them to do. It will be an amazing band - I cannot wait for you to see and hear it.

In addition to playing live, pre-production for the follow up to Anger As Art is about midway.   We have a title, but I like it so much, that I don't want to let it out for fear that someone may use it.   Merchandise is on the way too.   Also as stated earlier, a redesign of this page is coming soon.

for Abattoir and Bloodlust information, may I direct you to the links below.   This is AAA's page.   Please write to us with any questions - we'll see you later this year.

In metal....

Steve Gaines

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