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For Big And Little Kids.


  Since the name of my site is Animated Virtual Life, most if not all of the cyber, virtual, and

  digital computer pets I will review must inter act with you, or you with them, or both. They should 

also look and/or act like the real thing. All of the apps or programs on my web site are child safe

 and will be great family fun and entertainment for years to come.


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 If you happen to see a butterfly floating around my web pages,  please feel free to click on 

her. The butterfly is not only one of my pets, it is also my web page hit counter. There is also a 

 free desktop version of  her. I will have a review of her in the pages to follow. Most of the menu

 programming on her are links on my site. The bottom link will take you to the developers site. If

   you like, you can use her to navigate through most of the pages on my site, try it!


      My web page is dedicated to help people like me, find cyber, virtual, digital,  computer, or online

pets suited to them, without having to do a lot of searching. I hope you find my pages helpful in your 

search for your cyber, virtual, digital or computer pet. On the pages to follow I will do my best to 

 give my visitors, a thorough description, and over all review, without being to lengthy. All of the pets

on my site are either, free full version downloads, freeware, shareware, apps or programs, or demos

 you can keep forever. I will try to supply screen shots of all the programs I review,  off  my own PC

 All of the review pages also have links leading them directly to the download site. On my site you 

will find cyber pets, virtual pets, digital pets, computer pets,  desktop pets and online pets. A list

  of types of pets are as follows, "fish, spiders, butterfly's, dragons, aliens, plantsapes, gorillas,

 and various other creatures, and forms of artificial intelligence."

Thank You.



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