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Chilean Rose Tarantula
Mexican Red Knee Tarantula




       From the creators of "MOPy", comes Virtual Creatures Tarantulas, Chilean Rose Tarantula and

Mexican Red Knee Tarantula. This program looks and acts just like the real thing. As with any pet, this one

needs care. Your pet needs to be feed daily, he eats several crickets a day. You must also give him fresh

water , and clean its tank on a daily basis. When your pet is in a good mood,  it enjoys a little human

attention. At this time you can pet and play with your spider.  If your pet is not in the mood for a little human

interaction, it will become aggressive. The demo time is limited to 6 minutes per play, however you can 

play each demo program 25 times. If you download both programs, you will have several hours of play time,

in order to decide weather to purchase it or not. There are a lot of options in this program, besides having

two tanks, one for the crickets, there is also the main tank. There only about four additional items you can 

add to the main tank in the demo, a few rocks and a cactus. All in all it is a very good program. So if the kids

are bugging you for a pet spider, say o.k. and download this program. 



Download Details: 

System Requirements: 
Windows 95/98/NT4, P 166, 32 MB RAM, 256 Colors or better, 
30 MB hard drive space.

Filename: setup_cr.exe 

File size: 4.5 MB 



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