Virtual friend 2

These guys are out of this world


Published By Haptek

Do you want a host of aliens living on your computer? Then this is the program for you.

This program is unbelievable, it has outstanding life-like 3D graphics, and 3d morphing abilities in 

real time, unlike any program I have seen. These aliens are not only entertaining and interactive,

  but they are also educational as well.

Open the program, pick a character and just wait to be educated and entertained. Each of the

 aliens will explain how to move and rotate them around the screen. Each of them have morphing

 buttons, that makes them change shapes, they will explain that to you as well.

Felton and Bismark explain step by step how to make a 3D movie. Roswell and Boswell will

 explain how they have evolved into electronic beings and now live on your computer. However

Roswell explains how he misses being natural. this just a little taste of the morphs in the demo

 version. There is also 

Baba Dim Sun, Eastern Sage.

The Endless Goodbye.


Howie Doit.

and just Roswell. 

The licensed full version comes with over 70 morphs, over 35 textures, and 30 backgrounds.

The licensed full version also allows you to E-Mail 3D movies to your friends,

(you need to download Virtual Friend Web Player to play it.)

The demo version of virtual friend 2 is free

The full version will only cost you $24.95

Don't miss out on this fantastic program, and have fun.


Download Details:


File Name:vf208cd

File Size: (Full Demo) 14Mb


System Requirements:

Windows 95/98/2000/Millennium

Pentium Class 166MHz CPU, 16MB RAM, 21MB disk space, Sound Card, DirectX (3.0 or above)

Pentium Class 233Mhz + CPU, 32MB of RAM 
16-bit color + , 3D Hardware Accelerator Card.



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