The Caveman's Mission!

Welcome to The Caveman's Guide to Cooking, the website dedicated to helping beginners prepare delicious romantic dinners. Those who have little to no experience in the kitchen will get step by step lesson that will help in developing the skills and knowledge needed to cook.

If you are a beginner with no experience cooking anything then start by reviewing the cookbook terms section where there is definitions of common terms in many cookbooks. Also look through the Caveman's dictionary to find definitions, descriptions and images of ingredients found in the recipe section of this website. The dictionary is also home to some basic cooking tasks.

If you are familiar with this material check out what the Caveman has to show on the tools page. Discover the equipment that every basic kitchen will need. Learn what each tool is and how it is properly used. Images of each tool will make it easy for anyone to fond what they need. When finished familiarizing yourself with the tools then move on to the preparation page. On this page there will be description of how to prepare ingredients and how organize the kitchen to be most efficient when the time comes to start cooking. Follow the simple directions of how to chop, dice and slice and watch a few instructional videos for more complex tasks.

Finally there is the recipe section where the Caveman has supplied a few choice recipes that are easy to follow and are bound to impress your special someone. Each recipe will have simple instruction with images to demonstrate the parts that are more complex. Along with the chosen recipe there will be suggested sides, drinks and desserts! There will also be a comments section that will allow anyone to ask the Caveman question about recipes and to collaborate and share experiences.

After learning how to make a beautiful dinner for two the Caveman will not leave you in a lurch. Check out the presentation page where you will find how to set the table and set the mood for a wonderful evening that no one could forget. This will feature additions to meals such as optional drinks in case the first choice is not the right fit. If you’re a music lover the Caveman knows some great music for all sorts of situations and personalities.


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Orecchiette with cherry tomatoes and kalamata tapenada

Salty olives and tart, sweet cherry tomatoes taste delicious in this easy to make recipe that is healthy and bound to please your date!


A simple grating tool used for getting small shavings or for getting lemon, orange or lime zest.