Scottish Terrier Seminar
Size, Proportion, Substance Head Body and Neck Fore and Hindquarters Coat & Color Gait


No breed can hope to improve unless breeders are dissatisfied with anything short of perfection. Self-satisfaction is stultifying. A breeder should live in a state of dissatisfaction and abounding hope.

W. L. McCandlish

Welcome to The Scottish Terrier Seminar

The purpose of this web site is to present an illustrated, in-depth analysis of the Scottish Terrier standard for breeders and judges. The information presented herein was compiled by Cindy Cooke of Anstamm Scottish Terriers but is not to be construed as my personal opinions. The Scottish Terrier has been the subject of the some fine writing by knowledgeable breeders, including William McCandlish, Dorothy Caspersz, Fayette Ewing, and others, and these authors are the primary sources for the material presented herein. A bibliography is provided and everyone is encouraged to find these works and read them in their entirety. A link is provided here for the current STCA breed standard.

Questions are encouraged and will be posted with answers. I hope there will be lots of participation because this seminar can't possibly be all inclusive. Your questions may prove to be the most valuable part of the seminar.

Feel free to disagree with anything you see here but please be civil. This is meant to be a learning experience for all of us, so I hope it will be fun and pleasant.

One more thing, many of the illustrations I use have been scanned from old books and magazines so the quality leaves something to be desired.

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