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Quality Services.  Reliable Results.”


FHA Certified                                       Reverse Mortgage Specialists


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Thank you for choosing us for your appraisal and appraisal review needs.  If you’re lending, you’re managing risk.  Let us be your solution!  You know it is essential for your appraiser to have the necessary experience and skill to adequately address all the facets of real property value.  We do just that, providing you with reports that make sense and values you can rely on.  Our detailed analysis and well-written, comprehensive addenda help you to eliminate callbacks, and our extra effort helps you keep your business customers satisfied.


At Anthony Prendergast Appraisals, we appreciate the value of time.  Our turnaround times surpass industry standards, so you’re always closing your loans when you plan to.  Rush orders?  Not a problem, just a phone call.  Customer service is our priority- we are always happy to help you, and your business, in any way we can.  Or do you have lingering questions about other appraisal work you’ve received?  We provide a full complement of appraisal review and enhanced review services as well. 


We understand what it means to be one of the faces you put on your business.  Because we interact with your borrowers, we help educate them about the appraisal process, while being available and courteous.  Then we assess the market from a consumer point of view.  The result is a report with purchase alternatives that have undergone thorough analysis.  And because we work in the towns and neighborhoods where your homeowners live, our experience results in an appraisal report you can rely on.  We do all these things to help you manage risk, we do it because we know it is important, and we do it because it’s our job.


Quality services.  Reliable results.   Thank you for choosing us.


Anthony Prendergast, President

Anthony Prendergast Appraisals

MA Certified Residential Appraiser

License #70633



Fee schedule:

URAR/Condo-      $275                                                                        FHA-                      $375

2055 Interior-         $225                                                                        2-4 Family-             $450

2055 Exterior-        $175                                                                        FNMA Review-    $150



Additional products are available.  Limited scope appraisals and/or drive-by assignments incur lesser fees.  Unique properties and complex assignments may incur additional fees or extended turn time, which we will discuss prior to inspection.  For a complete list of products, services, and fees click here.  Email us here with specific questions or needs.  Standard turnaround times are 24-48 hours from inspection.  Inspections are scheduled subject to appraiser and homeowner availability.  Copies of certification and E&O are available upon request.


69 Sagamore Road, Worcester, MA 01609

Phone: (508) 864-3279                Fax: (508) 756-1588



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