Archon 37

Welcomes our 2013 Gaming Guest of Honor Eric Lang.

Gaming Guest of Honor

 Eric Lang

Archon Gaming Adventures

Archon 37 Membership required to participate in all game events at Archon 37

What will Eric be doing at Archon 37?

10 am Friday Oct 4 until 5pm Sunday Oct 6, 2013

Archon 37 Gaming Schedules and Session Schedules have been posted.

All schedules subject to unannounced changes

Always something new from AEG.
Fresh from Gen Con Release:
TRAINS, Maximum Throwdown,
Agent Hunter, Card of the Dead,
Love Letter: Kanai, Job Faire
Plus L5R 4th Edition RPG and
L5R CCG Big Deck Tournaments
AEG Events Schedule



A Small Press Game Company. 
Creator and Publisher of QAGS
(Quick Ass Game System)

Hexgames Events Schedule


The Fast Games Crew returns with more fun adventures.

FAST Event Schedule

Silver Gryphon Games

Welcome Silver Gryphon Games to their 1st Archon experience.

Silver Gryphon Games will be presenting

AEther System, Ingenium System, Savage Worlds

Silver Gryphon Games Event Schedule

Magic the Gathering
There will be 4 tournaments held at Archon 37.
Each will have a event fee.
Magic the Gathering
Event Schedule

The Major Press

The Major Press returns for another Archon. The Major Press will be featuring events of "American Legends of the West".

'Experience the gunfights and action of the American west in the late 1800's in places like Tombstone, Deadwood and Dodge City. Pick your side, get your gang together, gather your weapons and face off against your rivals to see who will be left standing!'

The Major Press Schedule

AD Astra Games

Manufactures a full line of Miniatures based on David Weber's 'Honor Harrington' series of books.

Stop by the Table 5 in the Game Hall for ' Struggle Between Empires: Space Battles in the Honor Harrington Universe .'

Schedule: Fri Oct 4 Session 1

Sat Oct 5 Session 4 & 5

Sun Oct 6 Session 8

Deadlands LARP

Oct 5, 2013, Session 4 and Session 5

Gotta Have Faith!


Shortly after last year's events, whispers travel around a small Mormon town: Talk of breaking off from the main church. Such things are unheard of and treated as blasphemy at bes. But do they have a legitimate claim? And with no apparent leader, who are they? Can you trust your own neighbor? What will be your final choice? Strap on your guns and head out West for our LARP. All characters are pre-generated and given out randomly. New players welcome. Mandatory Rules Meeting for all players at 10am. LARP runs 11-5. There is a $5 fee for this event.


Mandatory meeting Saturday Oct 5, 2013 @ 10am

Event fee: $5


The MIB's return with adventures in GURPS, Munchkin,
and other 'At this time' CLASSIFIED game events.

Steve Jackson Games Event Schedule



Friday Oct 4, 2013, Sessions 2 & 3
Saturday Oct 5, 2013 Session 6 & 7

Red Tide, Rhode Island

Providence, Rhode Island is usually a sleepy little city and the citizens like it that way. There are those who have and those who don't and the recent crackdowns on Prohibition have made things tougher. A recent society group has appeared around Providence College and the local movers don't like people moving in on their turf. Things don't seem right and in this town when things aren't as they seem, it usually leads to to trouble…to outsiders. This is a two session event.  There is a $10 fee for this event. Players will pay event fee once.

Mandatory Meeting Friday Oct 4, 2013 @ 6:10pm

Event Fee: $10 (includes both nights)



Ranger will be running Flames of War scenarios on Friday and Sunday

5th Epoch Publishing

Roleplaying System

Metal, Magic and Lore

Event Schedule

Troll Lord Games

The Trolls return to Archon with all new Castle and Crusades adventures

Troll Lord Games

Event Schedule

Paizo Publishing

Pathfinder Society Events

pre-register for Pathfinder Society events

O-RPGA Event Schedule


Call of Cthulhu

Do I need to say more

Chaosium Event Schedule

The Paint Table

Archon 37 will have a on site Paint N Take table.

Paint N Take Table is not a Child Care Table.

Kids under 12 years must be accompanied by a parent while painting at the table.

Paint N Take Table is located in Gateway Genter Ballroom C.

Plus we will have scheduled 'How To ' events.

Each 'How To' session is 2 hours and seating is limited.

'How To' Schedule

Sponsored by Reaper Miniatures, Games Workshop, Fantasy Shops

Special One Day Event

Sunday Oct 6, 2013

10am - 5pm

1939: Global War

Refight the Second World War using military miniatures on a giant, war-room size, board.

Rules are a comprehensive variant of Axis & Allies .



Visit the onsite Board Game Library located in the DoubleTree.

The Atomic Squashites return running various boardgames throughout Archon weekend.


Plus Savage Worlds, Deadlands, DnD 4th Ed, Battletech plus more.

Schedules by Game Type

RPG Schedule  

ORPG Schedule

LARP Schedule

Board Game Schedule  

Collectible Card Game Schedule

Miniature Schedule


Gaming Registration hours.

How to register for a game onsite at Archon 37.
Friday Oct 4, 2013: Noon -9pm
Saturday Oct 5, 2013: 9am - 9pm
Sunday Oct 6, 2013: 9am - Noon

All of Friday's, Sat morning , 1/2 of Saturday's remaining player slots and 1/2 of Sunday's player slots will be available for registration on Friday Oct 4, 2013. 

All remaining Saturday and Sundays players slots will be available on Saturday beginning at 9am.

  Gaming fun and adventures at Archon 37.


Archon 37 has new dates Oct 4-6, 2013

Friday,      Oct 4, 2013

Session 1
 2pm - 6pm 

Friday,  Oct 4, 2013

Session 2
 7pm - 11pm

SLUGS Larp Pre-game meeting is at 6:10pm.

Saturday,  Oct 5, 2013

Session 3
 Midnight - 3am 
Saturday,  Oct 5, 2013
Session 4
 10am - 2pm  

Deadlands Larp Pre-game meeting is at 10am

Saturday,  Oct 5, 2013

Session 5
 2:30pm - 6:30pm 

Saturday,  Oct 5, 2013

Session 6
 7:30 pm - Midnight 

Sunday, Oct 6, 2013

Session 7
 Midnight - 3am 

Sunday, Oct 6, 2013

Session 8
10am -5pm 

Game start time varies and all games end at 5pm

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