In Memory of My Precious Daughter Ashley Lauren Hull
March 30, 1984 - October 27, 2002
This is my story about my little girl Ashley.

October 27, 2002 is when my life as I knew it ended and the person I was no longer existed. I received a call around two o’clock in morning from my daughter’s boyfriend’s mother Maria. She told me she was on the way to the hospital. Ashley was at Piedmont Hospital and her son was at another hospital, as they had been in a car accident. I could not believe when I got to the hospital they were telling me my little girl didn’t make it. Ashley’s dead? No way. She is too young Ashley was only 18 and had her whole life ahead of her. Ashley could not be an organ donor because of all the internal injuries she suffered. The moment I heard what the nurse and doctor were telling me about Ashley it was not communicating with my brain. I kept thinking that they were taking about someone else.

Ashley was a passenger in her car and her boyfriend was driving. He turned left on Peachtree Street and someone going over twice the speed limit going in and out of traffic ran into them and the car was “t-boned”. Both Ashley, who was sitting in the passenger's front seat and a friend Jeremy, sitting in the back seat were killed. We just went to court for the trial February 2008. The boy who killed my baby received 20 years in prison and 5 years’ probation. He only served 11 months in prison and we had another trial. It was a hung jury. A few days later we had a 3rd trial and he walked out free. I do not understand how the jury cam e to their conclusion. I heard one juror say he looks so sad I cannot find him guilty. He has never said I am sorry and has shown no remorse. The boy that killed my precious daughter was 23 years old had 6 prior tickets for speeding and reckless driving. He had 2 friends in his car that kept asking him to slow down and not drive so crazy. They were really scared but Patel the driver of the car that killed my little girl didn't pay any attention to his friends he kept driving the same and did not have any consideration for his friends. His friends saw Ashley’s car that Celso was driving and yelled for him to slow down and he never even put on his brakes. There were numerous witnesses testify to how bad this boy was driving. The main witnesses were the boys that were riding in Patel’s car and telling him to slow down and quit changing lanes and as I said he didn’t care about their safety or anyone else’s on the road he just wanted his high from being reckless and speeding An off duty fireman let Celso get in front of him so Celso could turn left. The fireman testified that he didn't see anyone coming, just like Celso didn't. Patel came out from nowhere since he kept changing lanes because people were driving to slow; they were driving the speed limit which was not good enough for him.

Ashley was born March 30, 1984 and Christopher was born April 2, 1987. I had a very difficult time carrying my babies. I went through 3 miscarriages then I went through infertility treatment for 2 and a half years. Ashley was born by artificial insemination on a doctor's table in his office. I had to take progesterone and HCG shots the first 4 months of my pregnancy to have her then she was born by C-section because she was incomplete breech.

Since losing Ashley, I had to go to a physiatrist for over 2 years. I went through a divorce 2 ½ months after the death of my daughter. The person I was married to was a monster he only worked 7 months out of the 3 years we were married and when I went to North Carolina for Christmas after the death of Ashley I told him to be out of my house when I got back. He stole all the money out of my bank account and it cost me so much money to get him out of my life but I could not fight him I was in so much grief over losing Ashley. I was just so glad to have this person out of my life. Eight months after Ashley’s death I was fired from my job as an Accounting and Human Resource Manager that I had at Digestive Healthcare of Georgia for about 10 years. One of the doctor’s wrote on the termination paper I was no longer employed because of the tragedy I suffered. I did not get any severance pay I was not even considered a re-hire. I had basically given them my life for 10 years and I will never understand why they fired me except I no longer knew how to smile. The auditor’s came and checked the books to make sure everything was fine since the person that handling all the financially information had suffered such a horrible thing in her life. The auditor’s said my work was fine and gave me a letter of recommendation but it was not good enough for the company they let me go.

At the time of Ashley’s death I was 48. I had Lupus, Fibromyalgia and back degenerative disease. I had to support my 2 children so I had no choice but to work but after losing Ashley and getting fired and always being in such pain I finally gave in and had to go on disability. I lost my salary which pretty good and have to live on disability. I lost all those years of not getting money in a 401k which would have been substantial. I now find myself alone, without my health, without much money. Thank God I still have my son Christopher if it was not for him; I am not sure where I would be right now.

I lost my daughter, I lost my marriage, I lost my career and I lost my health.

Ashley’s death has been very hard on my son Chris also he was 3 years younger than Ashley and they were so close. When Ashley died Chris who had always been slender gained a lot of weight. He dropped out of basketball and quit seeing his friends. He basically stayed in his room after school every day.

Ashley was saved when she was 8 years old so she is happy in Heaven and would not come back even if she had the chance since she is with God and Jesus but being her mother it is unbearable for me at times. When I don't feel like I can go without my daughter Ashley. I hold on to my faith and it will get me through until I am with Ashley again.