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Oregon Electric Railway Historical Society

The Oregon Electric Railway Museum is owned and operated by the Oregon Electric Railway Historical Society. The Museum is run by volunteers of the Society. In the museum's collection there are a variety of trolleys and traction equipment.

North American Vintage Trolley Systems by John Smatlak

This site provides an overview of vintage trolley operations in North America. From these pages you can visit the impressive variety of systems now in regular operation, as well as learn about proposals for new systems. Each page contains links to websites covering the individual systems, so additional information is always close at hand. New information is being added continuously, so please check back regularly.

Astoria Riverfront Trolley page:

American Public Transportation System Heritage Trolley

The recent American quest for our roots, amid the context of our historical experience, has led to a revival of interest not only in the preservation of historic districts and urban neighborhoods, but also the growing interest in vintage streetcars. Further, as traditional neighborhoods in older cities become the location of choice for more American—singles, young couples, families and empty-nesters alike—there is an emerging a need to provide good transit service to these areas. The APTA Heritage Trolley Task Force was formed to promote the development of vintage/heritage trolley lines and modern streetcar lines, to foster information exchange among those planning or operating such lines, and to encourage reasonable technical and safety standards.

Trolley Museum of New York

The Trolley Museum of New York is a non-profit educational museum founded in 1955. The goals of the museum are to offer a ride to the public and through exhibits and educational programs to share the rich history of rail transportation and the role it played in the Hudson Valley region. In addition to static displays of trolley, subway and rapid transit cars from the United States and Europe, an excursion ride runs 1 1/2 miles from the foot of Broadway in downtown Kingston, New York, to picnic grounds on the shore of the Hudson River.

The Shore Line Trolley Museum

The Shore Line Trolley Museum is the oldest operating trolley museum in the United States. The museum was incorporated in 1945 as the Branford Electric Railway Association, a non-profit historical and educational institution. Founded to preserve the unique heritage of an endangered species -- the trolley car -- it now boasts a collection of nearly 100 vintage vehicles as well as artifacts and documents from the trolley era.