audio.net specializes in offering moderately priced used audio gear from the 1970s and 1980s. I believe the audio gear from this period represent the "best years" of audio. Manufacturers offered exciting, innovative, quality gear that was usually made using metal, real wood and glass and designed to last. This contrasts with the disposable plastic offerings of today. I prefer big analog knobs I can see and turn vs. tiny digital buttons that my fingers won't even fit or I can't even see.

I loved audio gear since high school and college.  I remember sitting in our engineering college library in front of some big Altec Voice of the Theater speakers (they never turned them up past a whisper!) reading the latest issues of Stereo, Hi Fidelity and Audio magazines.  I loved wheeling and dealing with the gear with my friends and relatives.  We were trading and evaluating gear all the time

Audio.net began back in November of 1995.   I discovered rec.audio.marketplace on Usenet where I could post my audio gear for sale.  Customers quickly found my audio items interesting and starting buying them.  It was exciting to me to have this marketplace to the world via the Internet.  I soon started this webpage called audio.net   If you want to see what this page looked like back in 1998 click here: http://tinyurl.com/5sf7n8s

On October 31, 2008 AOL ended AOL Hometown which hosted my audio.net website.  They offered no redirect option and only gave a few months notice.  I figured I'd lost many of my regular customers who could no longer navagate to the original AOL hosted site.   I moved the site to Charter directly after the AOL hosting ended.  I slowly climbed my way back to the top few pages of a google search but was never as high as I was when hosted on AOL.   I started offering some of my items on Ebay then soon had everything listed both in my Ebay store and on this web site.  It was burdensome to mirror the two so at this point I've decided to stop updated my items here.  I have a love-hate relationship with Ebay.  Everybody goes there to look for items but Ebay is expensive for sellers to use.  I feel they don't earn the fees they get from me just by running servers.  

So please click on this link below and it will take you to my Ebay store. My ebay username is auralculture.   Look around then if you email me that you found the item from the link on this webpage or you just want to conduct the sale directly between us I'll offer you a 5% discount from the Ebay price.   Every item I list on Ebay has a direct email link.  Thanks for your support over all the years!   I look forward to dealing with you in the future.          

Ken Drescher



Click the image to see the living phono system I recently set up

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