Adcom made some quality amps culminating with the Nelson Pass designed GFA-555.  However this GFA-2 model is no lightweight.  It boosts 100 WPC of high current power.  Notice the dual power supplies in the image section.  This keeps the power demands from one channel affecting the other.  It's more expensive to build an amp this way and is a sign of higher quality.  Another neat thing is the heatsinks are contained inside the cabinet for a cleaner look.

100 WPC 20hz to 20 KHz .02% THD both channels driven at same time into 8 ohms.

110 WPC at 1KHz into 8 ohms

100dB Signal to Noise Ratio

Frequency response +/- 2 dB DC to 100 KHz

Nice cosmetics and fully functional. Fully bench tested over several days. Only a few signs of normal wear. I actually did some more cleaning of the cabinet after these images were made. Only $199 plus shipping. 

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