WRX uppipe gutting

**** The catalyst material may be carcinogenic (causes cancer) **** do this outside, with a fine dust mask, or respirator...  for your safety.

These pics will hopefully help if you decide to take on this project... Like any thing this is for "Off-road" use ONLY!

I have looked into sourcing a '91-'94 legacy uppipe, none in the country from a dealer cost $190+

I have looked into a sourcing a catless STi spec. pipe but it is $300 US from Australia...( US dealers can't get these even with a part # )

I wanted to keep the "flex" , and less chance of leaks ( I know there is a newer gasket set out by the aftermarket)

For $60+ for a used pipe, & $20 worth of gaskets it is worth a try... ( yes I know the pipe isn't perfect, but it looks stock ) .

Update 2004: USDM STi uppipe can be bought at a local dealer $300ish. Other inexpensive options that include flex are Helix uppipe $200 

Here was a little problem with some of the APS uppipes ---> http://forums.nasioc.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=344544 

this project will take A LOT of work & I recommend 3 things... A spare up-pipe, some muscle, & an hour or MORE!

this does NOT include the 2+ hours to get the pipe out of the car in the first place!!!

I was lucky enough to find an uppipe used for less than $60 bucks... new with cat aprox. $500.00 from dealer.

Make a very mental note or measurement on the angle of the Exhaust Gas Temp. sensor it will make it easier latter when you put it back in...

If you opt. to not put in the EGT probe back in, plug the hole with a M12x1.25 bolt less than an inch long (cut if necessary) & use a 2.2k ohm 1/2 watt resistor where the sensor plugged into.

After removing EGT sensor, start by drilling a series of holes in the "Cat" until you are sure you can't get any more in it...

The cat is nearly 1-1/2" thick or more... !!! drill the hole closer to the center than this (you'll see why) !!!

NEXT... the big screwdriver & hammer...

This will take some time to peck away at this until the cat starts to come apart... once the center starts to come apart you might get this...

... a chunk too large to come out the other end. This SUCKS!!! After some more work & possible swearing you'll get this...

a pliers (or needle nose preferably) to pull chunks out as you can... Once you get it all out & scrape the pipe till NOTHING is left.

When I say NOTHING I mean it... the cost of a new turbo is around $1000 (under $200 used usually). DO NOT ASSUME THAT IT IS GOOD ENOUGH !!! Look in the pipe, shake the pipe, tap on it... If you mess this up the dealer isn't going to be you friend because a little peice came loose & munched the turbo... I'm not trying to scare you, but give you reality... You can now put it back in the car... 

( I chose to really go to town on the internals... a little wire brushing till it shined )

the little "ribs" are from the factory for better bonding of the cat.

Of all the areas the EGT bung will be the worst to work around ( bent screwdrivers help)

Your car will be happy to have this potential problem GONE...!!! best of luck... don't say I didn't warn ya.

Some of the tools I used are:

12" long, 1/4" drill bit extension (similar to Sears #00920920000, but cheaper)

12" long, 1/4" drill bit (similar to Sears #00966060000, but cheaper)

Big long screw driver, big old hammer, small wire brush that would fit into the uppipe & had a 1/4" shank... 

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October 2002

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