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Digital Camera Experiments.

Featuring Good,  Unusual and some Bad informational tidbits about the following digital devices:

Minolta Dimage 7 Series

Nikon Coolpix 990

Nikon CoolPix 950      

Nikon CoolPix 900

Sony DSC-D770

Toshiba PDR-M1 (Fuji MX-500)

Mitsubishi DJ-1000

Iomega Fotoshow

I hope that you enjoy looking at this collection, and I welcome your feedback.- Bryan    e-mail me!

Do you have CP950 or CP990 Questions? Check  the CP950 New User FAQ! and the CP990 New user FAQ

Latest topics:

10/20/2002 Consolidation of all Dimage information.

09/13/2002 Auto Shutter Release for Dimage

09/11/2002 Astro image stacking example

07/27/2002 MaxView 40(tm) review

06/14/2002 Dimage 7i specific section

04/16/2002 Shooting ISO 800 on the Dimage 7

03/21/2002 Wireless Remote for Dimage 7 guest article

02/26/2002 Review of the Olympus A-200 teleconverter on the Dimage 7

02/17/2002 DIVUfix program fixes excessive contrast in the Minolta viewer utilty.

2/13/2002 New Dimage guest articles section

12/16/2001 PhotoPoint has failed. A large number of sample images for this site were stored there.

12/14/2001 3600HS (D) bounce position fix (obsolete)

11/25/2001 DiMAGE photo contests

11/08/2001 DiMAGE .MRW file headquarters page

11/08/2001 Battery info for new DiMAGE users

11/02/2001 D7 focal length investigation

10/23/2001 D7 Color article

10/17/2001 A day in the life of a D7 battery.

9/05/2001. Moderated Minolta Digital Camera Forum.

07/29/2001. Minolta DiMAGE 7 section started.

07/29/2001 DiMAGE 7 flash card timings

7/16/2001 Finally ;') A few minor bugs are surfacing in the CP990 thanks to new owners of the CP995. Firmware 1.1 page

04/27/2001 Hot pixel stories! Add your hot pixel story to the page.

04/24/2001 I got a hot pixel! Yes, it is true, and only fair after writing about hot pixels so much that I would develop a new very bad one on my CP990. Read about it on the hot pixel page.

01/20/2001 Coolpix Flash exposure problems and solutions

01/03/2001 CP990 Low light focusing tips

11/03/2000 Buying a camera without getting robbed

10/17/2000 Iomega FotoShow (tm) Page

09/28/2000 Sony DSC-D770

09/21/2000 Flash speeds with Firmware 1.1

09/14/2000 Firmware 1.1 summary page

08/30/2000 Hardware-Eye! Home made telephoto lens for the CP950/990

06/24/2000 Updated External Flash info for the CP990.

06/20/2000 Night shooting with the CP990

06/08/2000 Buzzing lens problem       WARNING!

05/19/2000 CP990 B&W mode

05/13/2000 CP990 Hot Pixels page.

05/10/2000 990 firmware 1.0 page

05/08/2000 Update to 990 FAQ

05/03/2000 Nikon 990 flash card times

05/02/2000 Nikon 990 vs. Nikon 950

05/03/2000 Nikon 990 New user FAQ

04/08/2000 Home made "digital frame".


(boring old listings removed)

Site Introduction and FAQ:

Hi. Thanks for visiting. Enjoy your stay. Extra towels are available at the desk. As always, proper attire is required at all times.

This wasn't originally intended to be an exhaustive site about Nikon cameras, but it has grown to have pretty comprehensive coverage of the Nikon CoolPix series. I started out just wanting to showcase a few interesting, fun and unusual things that you can do with these cameras, and it had grown from there. In keeping the site's beginnings,  I have not posted a bunch of shots of  family, cars, flower close-ups and cats or dogs;  you can see plenty of camera samples on other sites.

 Just in case you don't have any links to good digital camera sites, don't start here! Start with the Stupendous Steve's digicams.   or  Phil Askeys's amazing site.

See my really short "short list" of interesting camera sites right here!

If you would like to get one of the adapter rings (37mm step up) that I have used for a lot of the Coolpix shots, for your CP900 or CP950, I can highly recommend the anodized aluminum adapter from CKC power.  It is very nicely made. They also have a variety of other adapters and cable releases for the 950.

FJCOM and FJNAME. My freeware DOS programs to unload your Fuji MX series or Toshiba PDR-M1 cameras, and rename their files. Get them on the bottom of the PDR-M1 tidbits page here.

Site FAQ and Humor Alert:

Yes, do I like cats, mostly. No, we don't have one. No, I can't tell you which camera or telescope to buy, I would be happy to tell you what I like about mine though. No, I'm not (overly) fixated on Nikon products. Yes, I know that I've mis-spelled a few things; I'm just testing you. Sure, I would like to hear your own unusual camera tidbits. Yes, if I'm wrong I'd like to hear about it if you are mostly polite. No, you should not pay any actual money for a DJ-1000 camera. Yes, I did pick the original site color scheme on purpose. (OK, I've given in and fixed it, Everything is so sedate and boring now, but now you can read it).  Yes, this site is kid safe, except for the extreme boredom aspect of it.  You will not find any ads on this site, I like it that way.

 Enjoy! Bryan

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Material on this web site is Copyright 1999, 2000, 200, 2002 by Bryan D. K. Biggers. Reproduction without prior permission is prohibited. Please ask, I usually say "yes".

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