3600HS fix

Firmware 121 has fixed the bounce problem. You don't need to perform this modification any more. 



Fix your Minolta 3600HS (D) flash to work in bounce mode with the DiMAGE 5/7


The 3600HS (D) flash does not work properly with the DiMAGE 7. When placed in bounce mode, the flash always overexposes your scene. This appears to be a firmware bug in the camera, but since Minolta has not fixed any of the previous bugs, it is unlikely that they will fix this one either.

The "fix" involved disconnecting a wire on the switch that senses that the flash is tilted to bounce mode. This allows the camera to control the flash normally, and it works great; no more overexposure. There are no known harmful side effects other than the voiding of your warranty on the flash.

Read and understand the disclaimer below.



If you injure yourself, or break your camera or flash doing this, don't blame me. You could break your flash doing this. Maybe you could hurt yourself or kill yourself with the voltage present in the flash, I don't know. At the very least this will void your warranty on the flash. This information is presented for interest value only.

I have read and understand the disclaimer