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Note that almost all information applies to the D7ug, D7i and D7Hi as well as the D7, and a lot of it will be useful for the D5

DiMAGE photo contest

Web page with rules and links for the current contest

Moderated Minolta Forum

A moderated forum for Minolta users. Troll free!

Dimage 7 add on lenses

User reports of which lenses work and don't work with the D7 series. Now includes filters too.

Flash card speeds (All Minolta digital cameras)

Different flash cards have different save speeds in the D7 series. Read the user reports for different cards with your camera and pick a good card.

Dimage 7 FAQ

A few Frequently Asked Questions. Unless noted, applies to the entire D7 series.

Battery information for New Users

Having the right batteries is essential to enjoying the D5 and D7. Read a quick primer here.

Shooting ISO 800 on the Dimage 7

A few tips for using ISO 800.

Olympus A-200 teleconverter review

A review of the Olympus A-200 teleconverter, one of the few add on lenses that works at all on the D7.

Guest articles

Articles submitted by users.

Minolta Troll Report Form


D7 lens range is not "7X"

(This question comes up a lot. Several techniques are used to measure the D7 series lens)

A nice list of D7 Galleries by "crowning"

(A very nice list of D7 series galleries maintianed by "crowning". Much more extensive than I could manage. External link to his site.

Minolta RAW format info and programs

The latest information and programs dealing with the .MRW RAW file format used by the D5 and D7 series.

MaxView 40 eyepiece review

Use the Scopetronix MaxView 40 eypeice to attach the D7 series to a telescope.

D7i Firmware bug list (D7i only)

Tracking of the different firmwares for the D7i

D7 vs D7i noise levels

One review claims that there is a big noise level difference between the D7 and D7i. Find out if this is right here.

D7UG vs. D7i

A short review comparing the features of the D7ug to the D7i.

Budget storage for a trip

Going on a trip? Budget your storage for the D7 series.

Astro image stacking

How to stack shorter exposures to simulate longer exposures.

Auto Shutter Release for the D7 series.

Build this automatic shutter release that lets you exceed what you can do with interval mode. Break the 99 picture and 1 minute barrier. Perfect for astronomical shots.

DIVUfix program (D7 only)

Fixes the excessive contrast problem in DIVU. Freeware!

A day in the life of a D7 battery (D7 only)

This comes up a lot. Just how long does the battery last in the D7? A typical day's use, in detail.

D7 Color (D7 only)

The D7 has a wider color space. Read an overview of how people are dealing with this.

Dimage Myths (D7 only)

Common misconceptions about the D7, many of which still carry over today to the D7Hi.

D7 Review and comments (D7 only)

A hands-on user review of the D7

D7 sample pictures (D7 Only)

D7 sample pictures. Mostly untouched from the camera. No longer updated. Now reloaded on pbase after the horrible failure of photopoint. Click here to see the album

Dimage 7 vs. Nikon CP990 (Mostly D7)

A comparison of the D7 to the Nikon Coolpix 990.

Dimage 7 Bugs and Firmware Wish List (D7 only)

The D7 firmware has several problems. Read about them here.

AUTO ISO feature

How auto ISO works on the Dimage cameras