Contest Voting

Voting for contest #28 (The Sky) has closed.

How to vote for Contest #28, "The Sky"

* Voting period. (From 9 am CST on Wednesday August 6th until 6pm CDT on Saturday August 9th). (Note that the contest closes at 23:00 UT on the 9th) Votes will not be accepted before or after the voting period.

* Look at the contest #28 entries.

* To vote send me an e-mail

* In the subject line, put the word "vote" somewhere. If you don't do this, I might lose it. You can type something else too, but you have to have the word "vote" in there somewhere.

* Vote for three entries. You have to vote for three. They can't all be the same one ;) They have to be three different pictures.

* To vote for an entry, tell me the title of the entry. Watch out, there are similar titles! In contest #2 for example there was a water drop and a waterdrops and a rain drops. Use the exact spelling and wording shown on the web site so your vote is counted properly. If I can't figure out which entries you are voting for, your vote might not get counted.

* If you submitted an entry for the contest, you HAVE to vote for one of your entries as one of the votes. This is a rule. If you just sent in one entry, vote for it as one of your three votes. If you sent in more than one entry, you just vote for one of your entries; You can only place one vote for yourself, the other two votes must be for someone else's entries.

* So a sample vote would have the subject "vote" or "here is my vote" and the message might look like this.

Clock on a stick
Tub of butter
Time flies like an arrow

Thanks for participating! The next contest will start shortly.

Other less important rules and fine print:

* In the event of one or more way tie, I will decide the winners by a random process, or there might just be a "tie"

* You must use a valid return e-mail address when voting. That is so I can confirm votes if needed. If I mail you, and it bounces back, your vote may not be counted.

* There will be first, second and third place winners.

* Entries which did not follow the rules (not proper time period, not taken with a Minolta camera, not proper size, not following constraints on the contest etc.) will qualify for "runner up" status if they would have won a place. You can still vote for them. They are marked "unqualifed" on the gallery. Only entries following all the rules can win first second or third place, even it we discover the problem later.

* In the event of server failure, act of God, failure of my ISP, drive crash, overflow of mailboxes, alien attack, the Cubs winning the Series or general circumstances beyond my control, the voting could be extended or even repeated at my discretion in the interest of fairness. In the past we have had to extend voting due to pbase server failure and due to failure of my ISP.