CoolPix 950 experiments:

Following my usual procedure, The CP950 section isn't a review of the CP950. This section will link to interesting, unusual or fun tidbits about the CP950. The sad truth is, I just add to this randomly as my whim dictates, so the organization could use some improvement.

Pick a CP950 topic:

New User FAQ (common new user questions answered)

Noise Reduction (Use compositing to reduce noise in your shots)

Chromatic Aberration test (Shows how chromatic aberration affects the CP950 lens)

Home made flash reflectors (Build a lightweight flash reflector to reduce red-eye and light your subject better)

Fill flash study (Using fill in flash with other types of light. Somewhat outdated).

Mini-FAQ, issues and known bugs (Known bugs in the CP950, and common pitfalls. Somewhat outdated)

Usage Tips (Some random tips and observations).

950 Low Light (low light fun)

ASTRO CP950! (Taking pictures of stars and planets. How to take and subtract dark frames)

More Astro 950 10/10/1999 (Additional Astronomical material, plus some better shots)

Astro how to do it page. (How I took the astro pictures)

TC-E2 teleconverter (A review and samples)

WC-E24 Wide angle converter

CP950 Experiments (Unusual/fun stuff with the camera)

CP950 BSS feature (Does BSS work?)

Mystery Spots (white, dark) (Have some spots on your shots?)

Firmware 1.1 summary

Firmware 1.2 summary

Firmware 1.3 summary

Black and White Mode (Is B&W higher resolution than the color modes?

Manual focus errors (outdated)

External Flash Setup (My setup using a cheap clone Sunpak 266D flash. Some tips on selecting and using external flashes)