CP950 Experiments

Some interesting pictures. July 1999

Infra-Red sensitivity.

The CP950 appears to be a bit more sensitive to Near Infra Red light than the CP900 was (see the CP900 IR shots here). This can produce some neat shots using an infra red pass filter. Interestingly, unlike other IR 950 shots that I have seen mine had no false color at all; just black and white (in the IR shot below, the filter was  not quite covering the lens at right, that is why it has a little color there. A much longer exposure is needed for the IR shots, I used ISO 160 for this shot.

Please note, digital cameras are sensitive to near infra red, not far infra red. Far infra red is "heat" and requires special cooled equipment; used to spot "hot" spots on houses and to see people using their body heat. You aren't going to be able to do that with your digital camera!

Picture Picture

Visible light



Fire flies at night, 8 second exposure

Writing with a flashlight


(right) Spooky effect using slow flash setting and 8 second exposure. In case you are not familiar with the slow flash, the camera fires the flash (which illuminated the near part of the field), and then takes a time exposure to fill in the background. An a additional flash would give better illumination of the field.


(Left) Another slow flash effect. The flash illuminated my son, then the camera took a 4 second exposure to fill in the moonrise in the background.