D7i Firmware Bug List

This is a list of known bugs in the 1.00 and 1.10  firmware for the Dimage 7i. Note that I am only listing actual "bugs" here, not things that people think should work differently or desired new features. Unless otherwise noted, I will only list bugs that I have confirmed personally.

Last updated September 11, 2002



Bug #1.  Image artifact bug.

This bug was first worked out (as far as I know) by Dragos Ducta. This is present in firmware 1.10, and others confirm that it is present in the 1.00 firmware for the D7i.

Here is a sample image showing the artifact bug

To reproduce the bug, take the following steps.

1) Set camera to:

       * Electronic Mag

       * DMF on

       * Aperture priority at an aperture of F4.5 or smaller.

2) Point the camera at the daylit blue sky, but not at the Sun. You can include some objects on the ground, but it should mostly be of the blue sky.

3) Focus on an object near the sky. In the sample, I focused on the trees.

4) While half pressing, press the Mag button (You are allowed to do this for DMF) You will see a magnified view.

5) Turn the Manual focus ring. I don't think that it matters how you turn it. (reports are that you don't actually have to turn the ring at all)

6) Take the shot.

 Notes:  You don't have to use aperture priority, this happens in all modes, but you do have to have an aperture smaller than f4. I could only make this happen near wide angle on my subject. It does not happen every time. I didn't test anything but the Blue sky. It happened in both auto WB and daylight WB for me.

* I have confirmed that this bug is also present in the D7ug 2.00 firmware.

* This bug is also present on the new firmware upgrades released in Feb. 2003, that includes 2.01 for the D7ug, 1.11 for the D7i, 1.23 for the D7, and I'll bet that it is present on the D7hi.

Just for fun, here is the same bug on my D7ug

* Bug #4, Bulb mode exposures over 4 seconds have the wrong time listed in the EXIF

(This bug was fixed in firmware 1.10)

This one is easy to show. If you take any bulb mode shot over 4 seconds long, it will incorrectly show as 30 seconds long in the EXIF. So, for example, take an 8 second long exposure and it will show as 30 seconds long. My theory on this is that they are now rounding exposures to the nearest "standard" exposure. For example, with the D7 you can take a 2.56 second exposure. With the D7i that exposure will show as 2.00 or 3.00 seconds exactly. I think that I'm seeing this on normal exposures as well, with the D7 you would see a 1/512 second exposure, for example, but the D7i shows 1/500.


* Bug #5, Wireless flash is using ADI metering all the time even though the distance from the subject to the flash is usually different from the distance from the subject to the camera.

(This bug was apparently fixed in firmware 1.10)

This bug was discovered by Marko Bjorkroth. What is happening is this, in wireless flash mode the camera is controlling the wireless flash using the focus distance information like ADI metering, but the wireless flash can be different distances from the subject. This means that if the flash is close, but the camera is far away, the flash will overexpose the subject because it is close and the camera "thinks" that it is the same distance as the camera. If the wireless flash is far away from the subject, but the camera is close, the camera will tell the flash to underexpose the subject. The current wireless system only works if the flash and camera are the same distance from the subject.

This is exactly like the "bounce flash" bug with the D7 in firmware 021 where the camera continued to use ADI metering for bounce mode flash.

The camera should use pre-flash TTL mode with the wireless system. You can set Pre-flash TTL in the menu, but the camera will ignore it and continue to use ADI metering.

The only work around that I know of right now is to only use the wireless flash system with the camera and flash at the same distance from the subject. The fix for the bug would be for the wireless system to use pre-flash TTL, or at least not ignore the user if they set this in the menu.