DiMAGE photo contest

We are running a series of continuous photo contests for Minolta digital cameras.

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About the current contest:

Contest #28 "The Sky"  has closed.

See the current entries

Current Contest (The Sky)

Introduction to the current contest:

The Moderated Minolta Discussion Forum is holding a  series of photo contests. This is being done for "fun", there are no prizes. Anyone with a Minolta digital camera can enter.

NEW: Hints on how to Win!

Here are a few hints that might improve your chances of winning.

* Some users are using modems. If you send in a very large shot, they might not be able to see it full size due to download time to vote for it. Typical winning shots have been about 250KB (although larger and smaller shots have won, shots as small as 50KB have won, as have some 500KB shots). You don't need to mess around to get your shot as close to the 500 KB limit as you can.

* Don't split your vote. Have three similar shots that you can't decide between? Well, probably either can other people, you just divide your votes by sending in all three. Force yourself to pick  one shot.

* It is OK to work your shots over in a photo editor. The contest format is small enough that you might want to do some cropping if you think that it will help, for example.


The Important Rules:

* Special rule for this contest. The subject of the current contest is "The Sky".  Your entry should have the sky visible in at least part of it. This can be a reflection, clouds, the setting sun, whatever you want.

Special rule for this contest: Absolutely no late entries this time, unless it was due to error on my part. (not that that ever happens ha)

* You may have up to three entries.

* This contest will be open to shots taken on July 14th 2003 or later.

* The contest will run until Monday, August 4th  at 6pm Central Daylight Time (23:00 UT). Entries received after this will be void. Don't wait until the last second, my mailbox might overflow!

* Your shots must be 500KB or less to enter. This is done so that people on dial-up can see your shot and vote for it! Recommended scale is 1280 pixels or less, but you can exceed this scale if you like. You will need to resample or re-compress most shots. Note that the average winning entry size for the previous 5 contests has been 250KB; large entries are hard for people on modems to download and view.

* Entries for this contest have to be taken with any type of Minolta digital camera. I will put up entries from other cameras as time permits, but they will not be eligible to win for this first contest. You MAY submit shots from other cameras, as time and space permit, but they must be marked "unqualified".

* You MAY submit shots that are ineligible (unqualified). You must inform me when you submit them. This would include shots not taken in the time period, not taken with a Minolta camera, etc., see the rules and fine print for each contest. I will include these shots as time permits. they will  be marked "Unqulaified". People can vote for them, but they cannot officially win. I will make a note if an unqualified shot could have won though! You may only submit three total shots, qualified and unqualified.

* NEW RULE: Entries must be "R" rated or less. "X" rated entries or pictures of illegal subjects, copyrighted materials, etc. are not allowed. Entries must follow rules set by pbase, our host. My call on this.

* NEW RULE: If you submit a photo that has extensive manipulation, for example a composite shot, I may require you to submit the original Minolta digital camera photo(s) used so that I can verify that your entry is eligible under the rules for that contest. These will just be used for verification, not placed on the photo site.

* NEW RULE: Because something that happened during contest #5, I'm forced to add a new rule about plagiarism. I'm doing this under the "I reserve the right to modify the rules if needed as problems come up. " clause.

Plagiarism is not allowed. By plagiarism I mean reproducing a previous entries composition or title or "idea" exactly. In order for this to be invoked, the first poster on the contest web page of a type of scene must complain to me, and I have to agree. The first poster of a specific scene/idea is the "owner" of that type of scene. For example, if someone submits an picture of a dog catching a Frisbee, and someone else replicates that scene from teh same angle with the same type of dog, that might be plagiarism. That does not mean that other people can't submit pictures of dogs doing other things or playing even with a Frisbee. Another example, if someone takes a picture of a lighthouse in a storm, and someone else takes a picture of another lighthouse in another storm but has exactly the same angle and composition and works with it in a photo program the same way; that might be plagiarism. Just taking a picture of the same lighthouse under different conditions might not be. It is the idea of the lighthouse, the storm, and the composition.

This is a photo contest. It is not a "who can take a picture of a certain thing better contest". This means that if you have a good idea, it is best to submit it first. We have to have this rule because I do NOT want people to be afraid to submit ideas because they are worried that someone will steal their idea.

How to enter:

* To enter, attach your JPEG file to an e-mail and send it to me. In the subject for your message, please include the word "contest"; I'm diverting it into a separate mailbox using that subject. Give your work a unique title, such as "inside my garbage can" or "what was under my bed", the titles will appear on the album, and will be used to identify your shot for the voting. Only your title will appear in the album, not your name. If you can't think of a title, just call it "Image #360 in a series" or something. It is up to you to pick a title that does not conflict with the images already in the album. It helps me a lot if you name the JPEG file with the title, such as "winter day.jpg"


Other rules, information,  and the fine print:

* I'll put the entries for contest #28 "The Sky" up in this  album as they come in. (click)

* Once submitted, your entry can't be changed except in the case of errors (time constraints on my part)

* You are allowed to edit/adjust the photos so long as at least 50% of the subject is original material taken by the Minolta digital camera... whatever that means ;')

* There is no prize other than the acclaim of your peers. I will put up a link with the winners and winning pictures, and will maintain a list of wining shots in an album. By submitting, you agree to let me place your shot identified with your real name in an album on pbase.com, mention your name on the moderated forum, and place your name in a Winners album if you win, and sort the shots in the album by number of votes received.

* Every one retains the rights to their own shots. You agree by entering to allow me to place the shots in the albums mentioned above and maintain them there.

* In order to win, you must provide your real name and agree to let me display your real name along with your winning entry.

* Winners will be determined by popular votes. We will vote after the contest closes. Details about how to vote will be posted at that time. You can't vote before the voting period opens.

* If there are more than 50 or so entires we may also have "runner up" winners.

* Entries that are not eligible to win must be marked "unqualified" on the title. This includes entries not taken with a Minolta digital camera, or not in the allowed time period. You can still enter them, just let me know.

* It is up to you to check that your entry is on the web page with the correct title at the contest close. I get a lot of entries, and although I try my best I have made mistakes. Hard to believe but true ;') I am not liable for such mistakes.

* I reserve the right to modify the rules if needed as problems come up. Rules will be different for different contests. I will always try to be as fair as possible. For example, in the past I have had to modify the contest period slilghtly to fit my schedule or to account for server or mail failures or to allow a particular entry in the interests of fairness.

* I can enter and vote too ;)

* You have to have fun!