DIVUfix is a small program that I wrote to "fix" the one problem that keeps people from using the Minolta Dimage Image Viewer Utility (DIVU); the excessive contrast that it applies to all shots. This is freeware. Detailed program instructions are in the package, this page is just a quick introduction and overview.


Quick Overview of DIVUfix:

The Minolta DIVU utility uses several .ICC color profiles in it's operation. Stored inside these .ICC profiles, in a custom tag, is the default DIVU tone curve. The non standard tag is only used by the DIVU program. My DIVUfix utility lets you re-write that tone curve. I have provided a sample that I think looks pretty good, but you can change the tone curve to suit your own taste.

The result is, that once you set a tone curve that you like, DIVU will no longer apply the excessive contrast that wrecks your shots. This is a permanent change, you will not have to mess with it again. In addition, you can adjust the contrast to be the way that you like it.

All DIVUfix does is change the tone curve for the shots. It still uses the color space conversion that Minolta intended for your camera. This is not a new color space conversion.

I have only tested this program with the Dimage 7. It should work with the Dimage 5, and S304 and S404, but I have not had any reports yet.

The program DOES work with the Mac version of DIVU profiles, but you will have to figure out how to run the DOS DIVU program on the Mac.


Don't take my word for it!

See a page of samples These samples done with a curve that I made with DIVUfix... use this one or make your own!

Here is a quick way to try it out without messing around. Check the results out yourself. I have prepared two ready to use replacement profiles that I think look pretty darn good. You can try these out quickly in DIVU, and then decide if you want to tweak your own profiles. These are for the Dimage 7 only at this time.

To test these out, do this.

1) download this small zip file. (click here)

2) If you used the default installation, the DIVU utility stores its ICC profiles in the C:\Program Files\DiMAGE Image Viewer Utility\profiles directory.

3) MAKE A COPY THE ORIGINAL PROFILES BEFORE YOU UNZIP THIS FILE! If you don't you will have to re-install DIVU, don't blame me!

Copy MLTDim7r.icc to MLTDim7r.old

Copy MLTDim7j.icc to MLTDim7j.old

4) Unzip the profile.zip file that you downloaded in that directory and overwrite the original files.

That's it! Now try DIVU out on some of your shots. Note that these profiles are for the default settings on the camera, and will give crummy results if you are using reduced contrast. Once you adopt a new DIVU profile, you will not generally need reduced contrast on the camera.

To restore the original files, copy the .old files back.


How to get the DIVUfix program.

Getting the DIVUfix program will let you make your own tone curve and write custom .ICC files for DIVU. Instructions are in a readme.txt file in the package. This is the place where most people would ask for money... don't worry, it's freeware!

Click here to download divufix.zip (about 30K)


The latest version is 0.03.

Version 0.03 fixes a divided by zero error with some curves, and adds comments to the tone.dat file. See the readme.txt file in the distribution.

As of Feb 28th, the program is still in beta. I'd especially like people with the D5 and D304 to try it.

Warning! This is a command line program. It is easy to run, and can be run from within Windows, but if you just really hate command line programs better forget it ;)