Lightweight Pins

You've been asking for it , and we listened. KB Performance Pistons now offers tool steel, light weight, taperwall pins that measure 2 1/2" x .927" and 3.015" x .927, with .120" thickness in the area between the tapers. These light weight pins, designed by KB Performance Pistons, and manufactured to our exacting specifications by a leading pin manufacturer, weigh in at only 89 and 105 grams. Combined with our lightweight pistons, these pins will make an outstanding contribution of weight savings and durability.

 2 1/2 x 927 / 89 gram pin: 927x216 TW
This pin will fit only the pistons designated to use a 2 1/2" x .927" pin.

3.015 x 927 / 105 gram pin: P3000
This pin will fit all other Chevy KB pistons with a .9272" pin diameter.

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