About Me
About Me
In mid 1975 at age nine, I visited a friend’s home in Pennsylvania and thought his collection of Iron City Beer 'Scene Cans' was pretty cool. A month later, back home in San Jose, California, I read Lew Cady’s book 'Beer Can Collecting'. I was hooked! In early 1976 I joined the BCCA (Beer Can Collectors of America). I still retain my original number 12065. By the time I was 17 my collection numbered over 1200 cans and my bedroom was over run. Most of the cans I had at that time are worth the same or less today as they were at that time. I became bored and frustrated with the hobby as many dealers were selling air filled cans that were never meant to hold beer. There would be one design on a can and then it would come out in various colors just to make a buck off beer can collectors. I boxed up all my cans and stored them up in my parent’s rafters for several years.

In the mid 1990's my 'Wild Twenties' were coming to a close and once again, I got bitten by the Beer can collecting bug. This time, I would be smarter and specialize with the cans I really wanted. It's just too hard to collect every can and variation known. Collector Jeff Lebo has amassed a collection of over 56,000 cans! While that is pretty impressive, taking that path was not for me. Anyway, my main interest is English 4 Pint cans. I like the size of the can as it allows for some great looking graphics that really pop out at you when up on the shelf. With variations, there are probably about 250 different 4 Pint cans which mean there is some light at the end of the tunnel as far as collecting most of the known cans. There just isn't a large interest in these cans which makes it nice for me, as even a novice collector can acquire the rarer cans with out battling with an army of beer can enthusiasts.

In addition to the 4 Pint cans, I also save English 5 and 7 Pint cans. I also save 5 Liter keg cans from around the world and old American Gallon cans that were produced from the mid 1960's until around 1973. I need 4 more cans to complete my American Gallon collection, however, all 4 cans are pretty tough to find so that may take awhile.

In addition, I save a few cans that I have always wanted or have a fun story behind them. For example, I like cone tops, 007 and Playmate cans etc. You can check out some pictures of my cans on “My Collection” page. At this time, I don't have any cans for sale on this site, but if you have a missing piece to my 4-5 or 7 Pint, American Gallon or Keg collection I would be interested in hearing from you! Also, would like to hear from others with similar Beer can collecting specialties. Otherwise, enjoy the site and the pictures!
Thank you for visiting my website.

Ron B. Kolinie BCCA#12065
Age 9 at home in San Jose, Ca.
Age 14 with 4 bedroom walls full of beer cans